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Various Kinds Of Pallet Racking And Needs

If you are configuring a warehouse, then you probably have realized how important is the pallet racking. There exist many kinds of pallet racking system. You have to choose the one, which will meet your requirements. Hence, one need to go through different types of pallet racking systems so that the advantage and disadvantages are realized. Hence, the proper decision could be made.

With a proper pallet storage, your warehouse will be more functional and less time will be wasted. In case of warehouses, if one does not employ a proper pallet racking system, then there will be so much chaos in the system in order to function properly. Hence, there will be wastage of time and resource.

There are different kinds of pallet racking. Some of them are following:

  • Wide aisle pallet racking: This type of racking provides free and unrestricted access to the units all the time. There is also the advantage of optimization during the pallet placing, since it is possible to adapt depending upon the needs. The wide aisle pallet racking providers mostly provide corrosion free components. The height could vary as per your requirement. In some cases, you can make the rack as high as even 30 meters.
  • Narrow aisle pallet racking: This racking is often applied in order to maximise the usage of the space, which is limited, and you have more units to place. This is a convenient pallet storage, where you can take out the units, remove, or place it in the empty shelves in a fastest possible manner. Moreover, the shelves are itself of varying heights. Hence, it gives the opportunity to rack different kinds of units. Though the height may not be as high as wide aisle pallet racking, the narrow aisle pallet racking nonetheless could go up to 10-12 meter.
  • Mobile pallet racking: This is one of the modern pallet racking, where you could even store double the storage capacity in the same limited space. The advantage of this storage type is that, this storage type, unlike the others, is dynamic in nature. There is also free and unrestricted pallet access. This type of pallet racking is also applicable for any types of goods. Hence, one can use this racking in different scenarios.
  • Pallet flow racking: This type of pallet racking is especially used in the industry of beverages. Like mobile pallet racking system, it is also dynamic in nature and provides a modular structure. It means you can integrate modules in order to fit the pallet as per your requirement. It is characterized by dedicated forklift for load and retrieval. It also provides fast processing where there will not be any wastage of time in loading or retrieval of goods.
  • Multi-tier pallet racking: This type of pallet racking offers wide range of functions. It also provides utilization of space in a much more functional manner where even the whole height of the building could be placed into use. If you want to optimize the floor space, then the few pallet racking, which should be considered, multi-tier pallet racking system will always be one of them. There is also increase in the number of picking levels. Hence, it is easy to load and retrieve in case multi-tier racking system.
  • Pull out units: This racking saves both time and space, as it is a racking system where you can optimize the space along with faster retrieval. It also allows easy access. Hence, it is more efficient in loading and retrieval of different units. The storage is also increased, as the racking system tries to utilize every bit of space. If you are thinking about increasing the picking rates, then this racking system should be the one that you should go for.

Thus, it is important to know that there are different kinds of pallet racking. However, you have to choose the one, which is as per your needs and requirements.

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