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Health Fitness Tips from NFL Athletes

NFL stars are among the fittest and strongest athletes around, so what can we learn from them about staying healthy

The following are some of the best fitness and health tips from our favorite players.

Odell Beckham Jr. Uses a Varied Workout

Since joining the NFL in the 2014 draft, Odell has carved out a reputation as one of the fittest and faster wide receivers playing the game. Now with the Los Angeles Rams, he works extremely hard in the gym to start in the best possible condition. 

He has said in interviews that he trains constantly even during the offseason, and carries out a huge variety of exercises. Among them, footwork drills, resistance band exercises, and working with dumbbells all help to hone different parts of his body and get him ready for whatever happens out on the field. This is also good advice for anyone looking to boost their general fitness for any reason. 

Baker Mayfield Likes an Early Start

The Cleveland Browns quarterback understands the importance of getting an early start. He points out that earlier in the week he likes to get up earlier to get a lot of work done as soon as possible. This helps him to relax and focus more on the game as it draws closer.

An approach like this can be useful for anyone who has a busy lifestyle. Get your fitness work done early in the week while you are full of energy and you can start to feel more relaxed as the weekend draws closer.

Khalil Mack Talks About Stretching

This Chicago Bears linebacker has been in the NFL since 2014, so it’s no surprise to find that he knows how to look after his body. Khalil points out that he works out hard, but only after starting with a long stretching session before moving onto his smaller muscles as he gets into the mood. 

Stretching keeps your muscles strong and flexible, and if you miss this part of your exercise routine you could be more at risk of certain types of injury. All of the NFL stars know this, and no matter what fitness level you are at, you should always stretch too.

Tom Brady Puts a Lot of Importance on What He Eats

As one of the most successful and best-loved NFL stars of all time, Tom Brady is the only QB to have won a Super Bowl in 3 different decades. He is also the player with most passing touchdowns in history.

One of the secrets to his amazing longevity can be found in his sensible approach to what he eats and drinks.

While Tom’s diet isn’t as strict as some people think, he is careful to consume 80% plant-based foods and 20% animal-based foods. He calls his diet common sense and looks for the nutrients, fiber, and other valuable properties that are abundant in fruit and vegetables. He isn’t vegan or vegetarian, but limits his meat intake just because it feels right. 

Todd Gurley Never Misses Leg Day

Now a free agent after leaving the Atlanta Falcons, Todd is known for a tough, uncompromising style and a solid physique that he works hard to maintain. While he carries out the sort of demanding workout routine you would expect from an NFL star, he points out that squats are his favorite exercises and that he never misses leg day.

It is easy to look at these football stars and be awed by their upper-body strength, but by highlighting the importance of leg day, Todd shows us that they need to take a good look at their overall strength and fitness. This sort of theory can be applied to all of us, as we each need to look at our overall fitness needs rather than focusing solely on a single area.    

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