With the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, many organizations have switched to remote working and revised their corporate learning concept as well. Corporate learning systems offer companies the ability to maintain their employee’s performance and efficiency in a remote environment. It is expected that by the end of 2021, nearly 79% companies will shift to online learning from instructors-led training. Being flexible, scalable, accessible, and cost-efficient, the corporate learning management systems are dominating the eLearning markets. If you are looking to create and implement a custom corporate LMS system with various functionalities, you can contact a software development company.

Corporate learning management systems are eLearning software that help businesses offer flexible and personalized training to employees, external partners, and customers. They act as a central system that hosts learning concepts and enable access to them irrespective of the location of the learner, automating the whole process. Organizations have started using LMS to handle employees’ professional development and offer compliance and onboarding training to employees. This ensures that they stay compliant and competitive with updated industry-based regulatory needs. You can hire asp net developers to get a custom LMS created for your specific needs. 

Abilities of a Corporate LMS 

  • Offering regulatory compliance training
  • Creating and handling personalized learning paths and assignments for employees
  • Creating custom training content with third-party or build-in tools
  • Including brand elements like messaging, logos, color schemes, and more into LMS templates, reports, and pages to endorse brand awareness
  • Tracking learning progress
  • Reporting learning performance of every employee, company branches, and departments.
  • Integration with HRIS, CRM, collaboration tools, social media, and more. 

How Can Corporate LMSs Help Your Businesses? 

New Hire Orientation

Using Corporate LMSs, businesses can put employees’ induction trainings on autopilot. They just have to make a basic training program initially and assign the program to every new hire. The orientation program is prepared by HR managers on the following key topics: 

  • History of the company
  • Vision, mission, and values 
  • Key partners and clients
  • Services/products and their key benefits
  • Leadership teams and organizational structure
  • Corporate culture
  • Corporate policies 

Job-Specific Skill Training 

These skills are needed for specific jobs. An architect, for example, needs CAD skills, a programmer needs coding skills, and a teacher should know to plan lessons. Job-specific skill training is a basic element of employee’s education, particularly for people in technical roles. Since technology is changing constantly, even the tenured employees should update their skills regularly. Using a corporate learning management system, it is simple to engage employees in learning regularly. It becomes even easier to involve them in collaborating to create new training. Constant job-specific skill training can help employees stay updated with all the latest development of their industry and enhance their performance. 

Product Knowledge Training 

This training can be vital for new employees but should be available for all employees who want to refresh their product knowledge. With a corporate LMS, you can educate your employees on new services and products even before they are launched. An online products training course can offer learners complete information about benefits, features, and use of the product. At the end of such courses, there is a quiz to evaluate how knowledgeable the employees are about the specific products and find out if they require additional training. 

Channel Partner Trainings 

Using corporate LMSs, it is now possible to educate the channel partners around the world. This training offers them insights into the development pipeline, your products, new product applications, how-tos, and new features. You can also offer your partners with the required compliance training and assist them to create customer support and sales skills. An online channel partner training can assist you to enhance the network of your company and upgrade your organization. 

Customer Support and Sales Skills Training 

Sales training can teach employees how to sell your products better: present clients the customer benefits, predict the needs of clients, close sales, handle objections, and more. Customer support skill courses educated employees on ways to make clients feel listen to and promptly executing procedures to resolve issues. An LMS lets you automate the whole learning procedure and make training engaging and accessible. You can offer learners with attractive SCORM-compliant training courses, evaluate their knowledge using online quizzes, and help them develop communication and sales skills with dialogue simulations. 

Top Corporate LMS Solutions

Adobe Captivate Prime 

This learners-centered online learning management system provides AI-powered training and personalization recommendations. It can be very helpful for businesses focused on employee development. This LMS allows simple content authoring using third-party and built-in tools. It offers both offline and online access for staff members which promotes flexibility of learning.  It also supports many multimedia file formats with its embedded Fluidic Player. 


TalentLMS is a cloud-based LMS that can serve any size of business. It offers customization abilities as well. It allows creation as well as maintenance of knowledge base to offer learners extra learning material for self-learning. TalentLMS course creation form comes with in-built SlideShare and YouTube search functionalities. It has native integration with SalesForce, BambooHR, Shopify, and GoToMeeting. 


LearnUpon also is a cloud-based LMS created mainly for training companies, software companies, and large enterprises. It offers a customizable learning environment that has white-labelling and branding capabilities. They help create a learning portal for all types and sizes of audience. This software offers many communication tools, like custom emailing, chatbots, built-in messaging, and more. Because of its flawless integration with the Degreed LXP platform, it can offer access to both informal learning resources and formal corporate training. They include videos, podcasts, and articles that help enhance employee engagement. 

Wrap Up

There are such a lot of corporate learning management software on the market at present. So, it can be hard to select a ready-made solution that is suitable for your specific needs. For many businesses, a customized industry-specific LMS can be a better option for taking corporate training to a higher level..

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