Can Working From Home Save You Money?

You won’t find many workers who would argue against keeping more of what they earn.

That’s exactly the experience that many remote workers are having right now. With remote working becoming normalized through a combination of technology and the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are enjoying the benefits of working from home. That includes the money they save.

Here are some remote work benefits and how working from home can save you money.

Reduced Travel Costs

For many workers, the immediate savings from remote working come from ditching the commute. After all, a lot of our hard-earned pay can disappear when traveling to the place where we make the money—it’s all quite counter-intuitive.

For some people, the benefits of working remotely could include the chance to get rid of personal transportation altogether. That further saves the money you would spend on vehicle tax and maintenance.

Heck, working from home could even save you the cost of buying new shoes on the regular. Little savings like these go a long way.

Tax Benefits

Working from home can even make other parts of your life cheaper.

For instance, there are tax benefits of working remotely you should consider. You might be able to deduct a portion of energy bills and other utilities from your taxes. Check out for some details on home working deductions.

Further, you may be able to claim certain purchases as expenses. If you buy a laptop or an office chair for your home, you can often claim part of the cost as a business expense if you use them for business purposes.

Time is Money

As a society, we focus so much on talking about money that we rarely talk about time.

Yet the truth is that working from an office can cost a worker both. Commuting time eats into your day to make the workday even longer. That often leaves you with “relaxing” time that amounts to a morning spent getting ready for work and a couple of hours in the evening.

Having more time for yourself gives you more space for your social life and family but also other projects. Being healthier, happier, and with more time to yourself, you might use that time for side projects that could bring even more money into your household.

Childcare Savings

Finally, for parents, there is always the matter of childcare.

Childcare costs can eat through a family’s budget, but working from home means you can spend more time with your children and not have to pay for someone else to look after them. When both partners are present, you can even alternate caring for the kids so that work/life segregation still holds up when the kids are present.

Remote Work Benefits Explained

This only scratches the surface of the remote working benefits that people all over the world have discovered in the wake of COVID-19. Even so, it makes sense that so many people are reluctant to return to the office. The trend toward home working was here before COVID-19 appeared, and it’s easy to see why.

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