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Business Immigration to Europe

Europe business immigration is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs from outside the European Union. European countries welcome the initiative and talented individuals who create jobs and bring investments in their economies. In return, the countries provide permanent residence permits, tax exemptions, and other favorable conditions for living and conducting business. Find out how business immigration works in different European countries and what benefits it offers.

Business Immigration to Europe with Golden Visa vs. Golden Passport

According to Immigrant Invest, there are two types of business immigration programs available for businessmen and investors in European countries — golden visas and golden passports. The first one grants a residence permit and special rights to conduct business and travel for a certain number of years after a person completes an application process and makes a significant investment in a country’s real estate, equities, or business. The visa is usually active until the person withdraws his or her investments from the country. Such programs exist in many countries of the EU, and the most popular among them are Portugal, Spain, and Malta, which are compared on https://immigrantinvest.com/blog/business-immigration-europe-en/.

Golden passport programs are harder to come by. They generally follow the same scheme of business immigration to Europe that exchanges residence rights for investments but, instead of only visas, provide applicants with citizenship as soon as the application process is complete. Several countries in the EU have such programs: Antigua and Barbuda, Montenegro, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, and St. Kitts and Nevis. Portugal and Bulgaria allow becoming citizens after using a golden visa for some years but don’t require permanent residence. In other countries, it is generally a rule that a person can gain citizenship only after several years of full residence and passing a local language exam.

Business Immigration for Investors in EU Countries

Now we will review EU business migration destinations that are the most popular according to Immigrant Invest specialist Victor Esik. The effects of immigration on business in Europe vary across countries, so they establish requirements and regulations that will benefit their economies to the full. Because of that, available investment options and eligible real estate may differ, as each country tries to attract investments to a place where they are needed the most.

Portuguese Golden Visa

Investment options:

  • real estate investment starting from €280,000
  • minimum €500,000 investment in business or funds
  • minimum €1.5 million deposit or its equivalent in equities

Conditions and special traits: the processing time may take up to 6-8 months. The country is favored for a relatively low cost of living, high investment returns, and an expats-friendly bank system, described in detail on https://immigrantinvest.com/blog/best-portugal-banks-en/. Because of the popularity of this destination, there are many business immigration services that support applicants.

Slovenian Business Immigration

Investment options:

  • Registering a business with at least €7,500 capital

Conditions and special traits: such low capital requirements allow for the cheapest business immigration in Europe. The business registration process usually takes only up to 10 days and allows all employees of the company to get a residence permit. After five years of living in the country, the permit is promoted to permanent. Passing a language exam is not required.

Cyprus’ Golden Visa

Investment options:

  • €300,000 worth of residential real estate
  • €300,000 worth of commercial real estate
  • €300,000 local business investment
  • €300,000 contribution into a mutual investment fund

Conditions and special traits: business owners can take advantage of no tax on overseas income. You can apply for citizenship by naturalization in five years, after passing a language test.

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