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Automating The Payroll Software in Pakistan | HR Software


There is no doubt in the minds of technology enthusiasts that using automation is important to survive today; i.e., in 2023 and beyond. Simultaneously, businesses of all shapes and sizes are understanding why employees are just as important as customers.

As shared on the web time and again, retaining the brightest employees has become an important part of HR policy. For this reason, understanding how payroll works is crucial.

Local businesses now acknowledge and understand that indeed the importance of a payroll software in Pakistan, if used wisely, can ease HR processes. At the same time, this system can help in retaining employees. A win-win, without a doubt.

HR and Payroll Systems in Pakistan

When talking about HRM, one crucial element that holds huge significance for both employees and employers is payroll management

The payroll management system is helpful as it ensures that employees are compensated accurately for their hard work and dedication. In this article, we take into consideration the complications of the payroll system in Pakistan.  

This article tries to shed light on its key components and processes.

Understanding Payroll: The Basics

Exact Meaning:

In its essence, payroll refers to the total amount of money an employer pays to its employees for a specific period of work.

What Does It Include?

Payroll usually includes the following:

  • Salary or wages
  • Bonuses
  • Allowances
  • Deductions
  • Other financial benefits

A payroll system serves as a comprehensive framework that enables organizations to calculate, process, and disburse payments to their employees in a transparent and efficient manner.

As you can already see, any process, when done with transparency, will have more of an optimistic outcome rather than not.

Components of the Payroll System in Pakistan

Employee Information:

Everything starts with the name and beyond.

The payroll process begins with collecting and maintaining comprehensive employee records. This includes personal details, employment status, tax information, salary structure, and any other relevant data necessary for precise payroll calculations.

Attendance and Timekeeping:

Accurate attendance and timekeeping records are crucial for calculating employee wages. Organizations in Pakistan, as well as other time zones, often utilize biometric systems, timesheets, or time-tracking software to monitor employee working hours. 

This data helps determine regular hours, overtime, and leave, ensuring fair compensation.

Salary Structure and Deductions:

In Pakistan, salary structures are typically defined by a number of various components. These details include:

  • Basic salary
  • Allowances
  • Bonuses
  • Other benefits

But that is not all. In addition, there are also a number of different deductions that the company takes into account. Such deductions include, but are not limited to:

  • Income tax
  • Provident fund
  • Pension fund contributions
  • Health insurance
  • Loan repayments

These deductions are based on the law, usually, but some of these may also be voluntary. It usually depends on the employee’s preferences and circumstances, along with the company’s HR policy and regulations.

Statutory Compliance:

Compliance with legal obligations is a vital aspect of any payroll software. Employers must adhere to the following, and other, ordinances and acts:

  • Income Tax Ordinance, 2001
  • Provincial Employees Social Security Ordinance, 1965
  • Provincial Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Act, 1976 

Compliance ensures proper tax withholding, social security contributions, and the provision of retirement benefits to employees.

Payroll Processing:

Once all necessary data is collected and verified, payroll processing begins. This involves:

  • Calculating gross pay
  • Applying deductions
  • Arriving at the net pay amount

Organizations often utilize payroll software or outsourced payroll services to streamline this complex process, ensuring accuracy, confidentiality, and timely payroll disbursement.

Payslip Generation:

Payslips, as almost everyone working will know, are essential documents that outline the details of an employee’s salary. The payslip usually includes:

  • Employee’s gross pay
  • Any deduction (some of which are mentioned above)
  • And of course, the net pay

These documents are distributed to employees either physically or electronically. The distribution helps in providing the employees with transparent information about their earnings and deductions. 

Usually, the payslip is created for a specific pay period.

Payroll Disbursement:

The final step involves disbursing employee salaries on the designated payment date. Employers typically offer various payment methods, including bank transfers, physical checks, or electronic fund transfers, to ensure convenience and security.

Benefits of a Robust Payroll System:

Now that we have gone over the most common features of a payroll system, you will know why companies are using it. Implementing an efficient payroll system in Pakistan offers several benefits for both employers and employees:

Accuracy and Compliance

A well-designed payroll system ensures accurate calculations, timely tax deductions, and compliance with labor laws, reducing the risk of errors and penalties.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Automation facilitates all payroll processes. It’s not only saving time but also reducing the effort done by HR personnel. Simply put, it allows them to focus on more strategic HR initiatives.

Transparency and Employee Satisfaction

Transparent payroll processes enhance employee trust and satisfaction. When you have clear visibility into your earnings and deductions, there is more trust and self-reflection.

Record-Keeping and Reporting

An organized payroll system maintains comprehensive records, facilitating tax reporting, audits, and financial planning.

Payroll Software in Pakistan | Some Popular Options

In Pakistan, various software solutions have emerged to streamline the payroll process and enhance efficiency. These solutions leverage technology to:

  • Simplify record-keeping
  • Automate payroll calculations
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements

Let’s explore a few notable software solutions used in Pakistan:

1. Resourceinn:

Resourceinn is a popular payroll software used by many organizations in Pakistan, KSA, North America, UAE, and Canada. It offers comprehensive features such as:

  • Employee record management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Salary structure customization, and
  • Automated payroll calculations. 

With Resourceinn, employers can quickly generate payslips, manage tax deductions, and ensure compliance with local labor laws. 

This software has a number of clients, including Cheetay, Engine, Orange Line Metro Rail Transit System (OLMRTS), Hardee’s Pakistan, Enablers, Extreme Commerce, Marham, and more.

2. Zoho Payroll:

Zoho Payroll is another widely used software solution that simplifies payroll management in Pakistan. It provides features such as:

  • Salary structuring
  • Tax calculations
  • Attendance tracking
  • Leave management

Zoho Payroll also enables easy integration with other Zoho productivity tools, making it convenient for organizations already using the Zoho suite of products.

3. QuickBooks Payroll:

QuickBooks Payroll is a comprehensive accounting software that includes payroll functionality. It offers features like:

  • Automated payroll calculations
  • Tax deductions
  • Benefits administration
  • Payslip generation

QuickBooks Payroll also provides detailed reporting and analytics, helping organizations analyze payroll expenses and comply with statutory requirements.

4. Tally.ERP 9:

Tally.ERP 9 is a widely used accounting software in Pakistan that includes payroll management capabilities. It allows organizations to:

  • Define complex salary structures
  • Automate payroll calculations
  • Generate payslips. 

Tally.ERP 9 also assists in tax compliance, providing features for tax deduction at source (TDS), tax payment tracking, and generating tax reports.

5. HRMS (Human Resource Management System):

Some companies from different industries in Pakistan adopt comprehensive HRMS solutions that incorporate payroll management as one of their core modules. These systems provide end-to-end HR functionalities, including:

Employee record management

  • Attendance tracking
  • Leave management
  • Performance evaluations
  • Payroll processing

Some of the HRMS software solutions used in Pakistan include SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM Cloud, and Workday.

Which One Is Right For Your Company?

It’s important for organizations to choose a payroll software solution that aligns with their specific requirements, budget, and size of their workforce. 

These software solutions not only automate payroll processes but also offer additional features. The additional features then help organizations manage various aspects of human resource management effectively.

It’s worth mentioning that the selection of a payroll software solution should consider factors such as:

  • User-friendliness
  • Scalability
  • Support services
  • Compatibility with local tax laws and regulations

The decision-makers of any company should evaluate different options and choose a solution that best suits their needs, ensuring a smooth and accurate payroll management process in Pakistan.


Payroll software in Pakistan is a critical component of effective human resource management. This system helps ensure that all employees are fairly compensated for their work. In addition, complying with legal obligations is also possible and easy with such systems or software solutions. 

By leveraging technology and best practices, organizations can streamline payroll processes, minimize mistakes, and foster a cooperative work environment. Such an environment always values transparency, accuracy, and compliance.

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