An Overview of Microsoft Access


    Microsoft Access Online is a relational database application and a standard database that includes tables, queries, forms, and reports. With Microsoft Access you can efficiently organize, save, and retrieve data. There are multiple advantages to working on Microsoft Access.

    Here are some essential advantages:

    • Affordable services for SMEs and small departments in bigger companies.
    • It is simpler to understand and manage compared to a client-server database.
    • It is easy to import and export data to other Microsoft Office applications like Excel.
    • An Access database can connect to external databases.
    • Users can manage an Access database on a server or desktop computer you can also use a VDI Desktop as a Service.
    • Users can create and manage the database instead of relying on outside specialists or consultants.
    • Access enables automation using various kinds of macros.
    • Reports can be saved in PDF (Portable Document Format) file format.
    • Users can work on SQL (Structured Query Language) to design the database. Access databases can also be converted to SQL Server.
    • Microsoft provides different database templates to make the work easy.

    Features of MS Access:

    Access Databases can have multiple tables to support the data

    In MS Access, data is saved in the form of tables (like spreadsheets). A table can have multiple fields to organize the data. A field in a table can be assigned for various data types and to give access or restrict the users to certain data. Access can include several tables and you can link the tables with a key field.

    Importing data from Access to Excel and other databases

    You can import data from Excel or different external databases into Access. You can also connect to external databases instead of importing data. You can still have the ability to design reports and queries while using connected tables.

    Forms can be designed for organizing or data entry

    You can design Access forms to create a front-end to insert or update data in your tables. An Access database can include various forms with multiple fields. Forms can show one record or several records simultaneously. You can edit the styles of forms and insert navigation keys.

    Users can create and run queries

    In Access, you can build queries to present data based on specific criteria. It is easy to store and reuse queries and to utilize them export them to Excel or as a source for reports.

    There are different kinds of queries in Access:

    • Select queries

    • Update queries
    • Delete queries
    • Crosstab queries
    • Append queries
    • Make Table queries

    Reports can be created and printed or converted to PDFs

    Access reports are pretty diverse from Excel reports. They can have several fields from one or more tables and with categorizing grand totals, and subtotals. You can also instantly export reports to PDF files (Portable Document Format). Access reports can have a corporation logo, lines to divide records and sub-reports.

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