Does PPC work for small business?

The main areas of focus for any digital marketing agency should be to increase online traffic for the client, improve website engagement, and to ensure that a client’s website ranks high organically when using any search engine. In particular, Google, as 75% of all online searches are now connected through the internet giant.

Increasing your business profile organically in all likelihood will be time-consuming and can become a costly business expense. Unless you have prior SEO awareness, website engagement, or a clear understanding of what you hope to achieve with your digital marketing campaign, there’s a possibility it will cost more than necessary.

Many business owners struggle to improve their website ranking without the help and advice of a digital marketing expert, and as a result, tend to underestimate the importance of digital marketing and the benefits it can bring to a business.

However, if your business is looking to establish a brand quickly, promoting a new product, or advertising an upcoming sale, and being time-sensitive, are reluctant to commit to an organic-based long-term digital marketing campaign, you could benefit from small business ppc

How Will It Help My Business

A Pay-Per-Click campaign (PPC) is a digital marketing technique designed to increase website visibility through sponsored adverts on social media platforms and search engines such as Google.

The client is charged each time a click generates traffic to their website with budgets decided before the campaign. If used as a short-term boost to create brand awareness, PPC can offer benefits. However, as the web traffic is technically paid for and not organic, the SEO generated will have less value than organic web traffic.

It’s advised to have a clear strategy in place before launching any digital marketing campaign, and with a PPC campaign, first consider aspects such as length of your campaign, cost of the campaign, the platform you want to run the campaign on, etc.

Assessing your digital marketing strategy will help improve the efficiency of your campaign and will likely save money.

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Google PPC Ads

Google Search Ads can be set up with relative ease by purchasing a sponsored ad from Google, your website will list on any relevant web search page, and when the consumer clicks on your sponsored web link, Google will deduct CPC (cost per click) from your budget.

One of the most recognisable forms of PPC, and one of the most financially efficient, Google only deducts from your budget when a person clicks on your website link.

Factors such as type of campaign, budget, and web search relevance will determine how often your ad is displayed.

Google Display Network

Google Display Ad functions separately from standard PPC, Google offers two options, CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Thousand). The benefits of which include the opportunity to reach a wider audience on a variety of media. Ads can be text-based, image-based, or media-heavy, enticing clients to click on your web link. Your ad can be displayed across 2 million+ websites and 650,000+ apps.

Pre-Roll Ads

The most common form of video advertising and one that internet users encounter daily. Whether watching videos on YouTube, Facebook, or other forms of social media, pre-roll ads are ads that appear before your video plays. There are also mid-roll and post-roll options, which as their title suggests, appear mid-video, or after a video ends. Geo-location, native language, demographic, topics, and interest can all be targeted when creating these ads.

Remarketing or Retargeting

As described, these ads are retargeted toward people who have previously visited your website, but for whatever reason never progressed to a purchase or any further action. This technique is considered very reliable and is known to increase conversion rates. Effectively it encourages customers to make a purchase and can help speed up the decision process.

Viewed on the Display Network, this ad can reach more than 90% of all internet users and appear on more than 2 million websites, videos and apps worldwide.

Prices fit around a bidding model and you can use social media platforms to remarket and retarget previous visitors.

Social PPC Ads

Social media advertising can be effective as long as you understand your target market and what you’re trying to promote. An eye-catching social media campaign can boost brand awareness and capture the attention of your target market. You can reach a greater audience with limited budgets.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

With more than a billion monthly users, and the ability to customise your campaign, Facebook offers many digital marketing benefits, Instagram owned by Facebook also provides a powerful platform for digital marketing. Image-based campaigns are particularly effective on Instagram.

Ads on Facebook can vary between single images, videos, and location, the campaign can also focus on demographic, interests, geography, etc.

To ensure you benefit fully from your campaign, you’ll need to install Facebook Pixel, which allows Facebook to store information attained from people visiting your site.

Features such as the Lookalike Audience option can help define your audience and better target your marketing campaign.

You can choose to Boost Posts on Facebook, which increases your audience reach and will likely increase post and page engagement.

It’s also possible to customise ‘Boosted Posts’, you can focus your target audience using variables such as audience, demographic, location, age, etc.

LinkedIn Ads

If your business model focuses on B2B rather than B2C, LinkedIn Advertising might offer stronger digital marketing potential.

LinkedIn offers Sponsored Content and Pay Per Click, remember that by using strong images in your campaign you can increase engagement by upwards of 20%.

A PPC campaign can target LinkedIn home pages & inboxes, while a Sponsored Content campaign will appear on a user’s news feed, and has been proven to increase clicks and engagement.

You can target your posts toward audience, demographic, etc, and can also choose between CPC (cost per click) or CPM (Cost Per Thousand).

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