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Workplace Automation: Are the Robots Worth It?


Running a business can be exhausting.

You have to manage your time, make sure the bills are paid on time, and keep up with all of your employees. It’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed and exhausted at the end of every day.

To get a competitive edge, a lot of business owners are turning to workplace automation. This allows them to save time, money, resources, and effort. With automation software – you can increase efficiency in your company and delegate tasks to AI.

There are a few different ways that small businesses can utilize automation tools. However, is it the right choice for your company? Read on to find out!

Receptionist Robot

A receptionist robot is an all-in-one package service that is designed to replace the role of a front desk employee. The robot can do anything from answer calls, check-in guests, and make appointments for you. It can also perform any task a receptionist at your company would normally do such as greet clients when they arrive and send them on their way.

Should you get a receptionist robot? It depends on what you intend to use it for, in particular, how many people it needs to interact with. Using robots can create a fun image for a large business looking to its modern side.

Receptionist robots can connect and converse with visitors, and more. There are different sizes to choose from. You could opt for a large, human-like robot, or go for a cute 2 ft tall option. The choice is yours!

Programming your robot to fit your company’s needs will be easy, as long as you purchase from a high-quality manufacturer. For instance, if you’re getting  autonomous mobile robots, you’ll want to splurge for the high-end models.

Automated Virtual Assistant

If you don’t want a real-life robot, but need receptionist services, you could get an automated virtual assistant. With this option, you only get a voice and video chat service. A virtual assistant is similar to Google or Siri. It’ll be able to monitor your calendar and alert you when there are upcoming appointments or tasks you need to do.

Automated virtual assistants don’t require any physical space, meaning you can get one to work side-by-side with your employees. They’re also completely customizable and there are many different brands on the market, so read some customer reviews before settling on a model!

AI Content Creation

Instead of typing up your emails, blog posts, and social media posts, why not automate them? Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the world of content creation.

Workplace automation for content creation can help you become more competitive. How? Now, AI software can analyze your competition’s content, and make suggestions based on that information! If you’re not confident with creating your posts or emails, automation is a great way to save yourself time.

Where AI Content Creation falls short is in the more creative aspects of content creation, such as brainstorming ideas and original thought. This area will always be better with human help.

Make sure you carefully read and review all posts created by your bots before sending them out. AI is great, but there are still some mistakes that bots make.

When posting to your blog or social media – don’t let the AI publish content more than once per week. The goal of these automated tools is to save you time and energy, not stretch yourself thin.

If you find that you’re having troubles with the schedule that the AI has given you, don’t be afraid to tweak or remove posts. The use of bots for your blog and social media saves hours. However, they cannot replace the human element entirely.

Should You Automate Payroll?

Payroll automation seems like a dream come true in some ways. The hours of number crunching are gone, and payroll is handled by the computer. The reality isn’t always so perfect though.

Yes, AI has gotten good at payroll calculations. However, there are always exceptions. You can’t fully automate payroll, since someone still needs to review the numbers.

There will inevitably be some typos or mistakes along the way. If something happens like this, it’s best to have a real-life employee. One who knows how to fix such issues quickly, and permanently.

You shouldn’t blindly trust AI to calculate payroll. But you can work with quality software services to save time and become more efficient. You can check out this list of the best payroll software for small businesses.

Workplace Automation for Sales Leads

Looking for ways to automate your company’s sales process? Some businesses have already started integrating their customer service chatbots with their CRM systems to generate leads. The more seamless your sales process becomes – the better it will be for everyone involved.

How does it work exactly? AI software is the perfect way for your company to have a 24/7 salesperson. These tools can keep an eye on what’s happening with your website, social media, and emails.

When they find leads or new opportunities – they’ll reach out to you as soon as possible. This allows you to close more deals, faster than ever before.

For instance, let’s say a customer is on your website and wants to make a purchase. However, they need to ask a question first. If you don’t have any employees working, automated chat responses can help the customer at first.

However, if the customer doesn’t make the purchase, the AI can alert you to their interest. Now a member of your sales team can reach out, to answer whatever questions the customer might have.

When you combine sales automation software with workflows and email campaigns, the possibilities are endless. You can find out more about how to create an effective workflow for your business.

Get Ready to Start Using Robots

As you can see, workplace automation is popular for a reason. It can help businesses save on time, costs, and resources. Remember, automation software is a tool that can help you succeed. Not a replacement for human employees.

Take some time today to review every aspect of your customer’s experience. From the moment they meet your company to the second they’re trying to make a purchase. Look for ways that automation can help you serve these customers better.

Perhaps you’ll use AI to send faster emails, identify sales leads, or make better blog posts! The sky is the limit. For more tips, read another fun article!

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