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6 Extreme Couponing Tips Every Shopper Should Know

Approximately 94% of consumers use coupons from time to time, but few people use extreme couponing all the time.

When you learn how to extreme coupon, you can save tons of money, but most people don’t even know where to start with learning these skills.

If you are interested in learning this skill, you can begin by learning some extreme couponing tips. Here are six tips that will help you get started saving money through couponing.

1. Find Coupons to Use

Learning how to save with coupons begins by understanding how to find coupons to use. You’ll need coupons if you want to use extreme couponing techniques to save money.

Fortunately, you can find coupons in several ways. The first option is by purchasing a Sunday newspaper. Most Sunday newspapers come with coupons in them that you can clip.

You can purchase multiple newspapers to get multiple inserts. You can also ask your friends and family for their coupon inserts to obtain more.

Another option is buying your coupons from a coupon fairy. You can find these online, and they sell clipped coupons.

People also use websites that offer free printable coupons. With these sites, you can print several copies of each available coupon, and the coupons change weekly.

Many stores offer digital coupons, too. You can find these by downloading a store’s app. Once you download it, you’ll have instant access to their digital coupons.

2. Start With One Store

One of the best couponing for beginners tips is to stick with one store as you learn. If you try to start using extreme couponing tips with multiple stores, you’ll likely feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

Each store has its own rules and system for coupons. If you learn one store well, you can start using that store to get great deals. The rules that apply at that particular store might not apply at other shops, though.

You’ll need to learn the system for each place you shop, which is why it’s always better to start with one. When you learn one system really well, you’ll start getting the best deals available at that place of business.

3. Learn How to Stack

The next tip you’ll need to learn is the process of stacking. Stacking is a principle that people always use when they coupon. You can use stacking at most stores; however, some don’t allow it.

Stacking is a process that requires using manufacturer coupons and store coupons. Manufacturer coupons are the kind you’ll find in newspapers and on printable websites. Store coupons are unique to one particular store.

You can’t apply more than one manufacturer coupon to a single item, but you can often use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon together for one item. When you do this, you are stacking.

Stacking provides the best way to save money on your purchases, primarily because it allows you to use multiple coupons on individual items.

To learn how to extreme coupon, you’ll need to fully understand this principle. When you understand it, you’ll get great deals on groceries, personal hygiene items, and more.

4. Use Competitor Ads and Deal Sites

The next tip you’ll need to learn is how to use sites and ads to help you save money. You can use a variety of different tools to save money, and here are some options:

Competitor Ads

In many cases, you can use competitor ads to save money by presenting the ads at other stores. When the other stores see the ads, they might offer an equal price. They might also offer an equal price plus a discount.

The goal is to find stores that offer a discount on top of matching the price. When you find deals like this and use coupons, you could pay pennies for items.

Deal Sites

Another vital tool you can use is deal sites. The Internet is full of deal sites, including some that let you check prices through Walmart SKU lookup sites.

With this tool, you can find out all the clearance items at your local store. Once you verify the price through this tool, you can run to that store and buy the clearance items.

Coupon Experts

Most people that use these techniques also visit coupon expert sites to find deals. You can find sites that post all the best deals for the week. They tell you where to shop, what coupons to use, and what prices you’ll pay.

5. Stick With Sale Items and Aim for Overage

As you begin learning how to do this, you’ll want to stick with buying sale items only. Sticking with sale items is your best bet for getting deals. It’s much harder to save money if you buy regular-priced items.

Additionally, you’ll want to learn how to find deals that offer overage. Overage occurs when your coupons total more than the item’s selling price. If you get overage, it reduces the total price you pay for all your goods.

6. Plan Your Shopping Trips

Finally, it’s important to note that planning your shopping trips is vital. You must spend time planning exactly what to purchase and what coupons to use. When you get to the store, don’t divert from your plan.

Some people spend hours each week planning their shopping trips. The result of all this planning pays off, though, as they can purchase hundreds of dollars of items for very little.

If you plan your trips before you go, you’ll come out of the store with great deals and a smile on your face.

Using These Extreme Couponing Tips Will Help You Start Saving Money

If you envy the people you see on TV buying carts full of items for pennies, you might want to start using these extreme couponing tips. Once you get started, watch out, though; it can be addictive!

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