6 Expectations Your Customers Want Your Web Design To Fulfill In 2023

6 Expectations Your Customers Want Your Web Design To Fulfill In 2023

What do you think your customer wants to see in your website design? Do you think he wants great animations? Do you think that the color scheme and the navigation bit matter to him the most? When we talk about the conscious internet user of today, do you think that having a secure socket layer matters to the user more? There are several questions that will be answered in this blog. Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, your customers are always going to want something from your website that only you can give. So it is time to call up your web design company and get into a long discussion with them. But before that, let’s have a look at some of the features that easily get your customers excited:

If you want, there can be a separate section on your website telling your visitors about the unique selling proposition that your business brings to the table. It has to be a very interesting and compelling piece of information that is almost impossible to resist. It can be a very fun and exciting blog post or your journey in an animated horizontal tabular format. It can be used to narrate your story in a vertical format too. You just have to make it scrollable with plenty of moving elements that can easily connect with the visitor. This should be able to convey your ideation, conception, struggles, and successes in a very interesting way. You can also talk about the years of experience that you have in this industry and the many ways you have contributed to society ever since you started the business.

  • Company Offers

Your website design should also talk about various company offers without mincing words. This is a great way to make a very strong impression on your visitors. Apart from the general information related to your products and services, you should also have a dedicated section about the various offers, discounts, cashbacks, and gift vouchers that you have stored for your regular customers. This not only speeds up their purchase decision but also keeps them coming back for more. Ask your digital marketing agency to come up with a web design that easily highlights these offers so that they do not go unnoticed by your visitors.

  • Contact Information

Your web design is going to be incomplete without your contact information. And it is very important to include your social media links as well. You can create a dedicated section on every page that specifically outlines your contact information, physical address, registered business name, company representative available on call, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles, and any other way to connect with your company that your customers might prefer. This piece of information enhances the overall credibility of your business as well.

  • Navigation And Animation

Navigation should be easy. Animations should be breezy. This is what makes your web design so much popular among your visitors. The digital marketing agency in dubai should pay attention to the degree of simplicity in website navigation. This is where the website structure comes into the picture. The sliding menu should pop up easily and fast. All the written material such as blogs, articles, and other content should have a different tab. Make sure to create a careers page as well so that it becomes easy for you to invite fresh talent whenever you are in need. When we talk about animations, they should be quick and smooth. This will also require a bit of optimization on the part of the web designer. All these features are going to impact the loading time of the website as well. So yes, the navigation and animation of your website are going to leave a long-lasting influence on your customers.

  • The Feedback Page

For almost every customer and visitor out there, the one thing that helps them connect with your brand the fastest is the feedback page. They expect the feedback section to be super fast and responsive. They also prefer somebody constantly available in that window. Remember, your customer does not wish to get into a loop of constant conversation through email. The feedback window has to be active in real-time and it is expected of you to have a team of experts constantly available to your prospects. This is a great way to establish strong connections with your visitors and solve their pain points as soon as they are raised.

  • Very Clear Call-To-Action Buttons

Your users are going to enjoy visiting your website if it has clear and concise call-to-action buttons. And these buttons should do exactly what they say. For example, you can have a subscribe to newsletter button at the bottom of every page. It can be a very subtle yet attractive button but the message it conveys should be crystal clear. You can also have a “buy now” or “add to cart” call to action button depending on what kind of website you run.

Final Thoughts

Your users have started expecting a lot from your websites over the past few years. Keeping track of all of them might not be possible for your business. So whenever you get clueless, just refer to this list.