Whether it is a grown-up dog or a little pup, your pet expects some grooming from you. Being a pet parent means stretching every bit for your furry friends. From convincing them for a regular bath to giving a monthly nail cut, you have a lot on your plate.


Additionally, you also have to pick perfect apparel for them from time to time. That’s where your job of selecting large dog coats starts. As always, we are here to help you. In this guide, you will find the five most amazing tips to select large coats for your grown-up dogs. These five tips will help you make a wise decision and ensure the best interest of your dog.


But before you get too overwhelmed with this piece, take a quick tour.


1. Identify Your Dog’s Coat Size


Every pet owner wishes to buy the best large dog coats for their grown-ups. However, the challenging part about it is to identify the right dog size. For you to find the correct dog size before buying a coat, we have penned down three simple steps:


  1. Know the length – The length of a dog sums up the area of your dog from the base of his tail to the base of his collar. Therefore, it helps knowing how long a coat should be to fit your dog correctly.


  1. Find the Girth – Finding the girth means covering the widest part of your dog behind his front legs near his chest. It helps knowing how wide a coat should be to cover your dog entirely.


  1. Measure the Neck Size – Neck size helps to decide the collar size of your dog’s coat. A coat bought without knowing the neck measurements would not sit perfectly on the dog’s neck.



2. Pick a Coat As Per Needs


Not all dog coats serve the same purpose. Similarly, not all dogs are the same. Surprisingly, your grown-up dog can be a water-lover, snow-lover, or rain-lover! Most of the large coats are designed with a specific objective to keep your dog safe. To ensure your dog doesn’t catch up badly on the outside weather, you should pick a coat as per the needs.


If your dog likes to swim and splash water on his fur, go for a life jacket.  Animal Planet explains that every breed doesn’t know swimming, so you should not take any risk with your dog. For letting your dog play with the snow, stack his wardrobe with excellent trench coats. If he loves being outdoors while it’s raining, purchase a raincoat for him, too.


3. Look Out For The Current Trend


Often, when buying large coats, pet owners skip the latest fashion trends. They usually move forward with sober and straightforward options for dog coats. But, purchasing without knowing current trends could be a big mistake. It’s a gentle reminder for all the pet parents that your dog’s vogue is as essential as yours. As a pet parent, you should be aware of the viral trends for dog coats. It is because if you make your dog look good, ultimately, you look good too. Also, if you align your purchases with the latest fashion trends, you can make your dog Instagrammable like Jiff Pom or Tika the Iggy.


4. Don’t Compromise Your Dog’s Comfort


Agreed that we discussed not skipping the latest trends while picking large dog coats in the previous point. However, it surely does not mean that you should compromise your dog’s comfort for it. It isn’t important how your dog looks. However, it is super important how your dog feels.


A dog’s jacket is more than just a wrap-up. You must understand what your dog requires. If your grown-up scratches his jacket, pants extravagantly, or refrains from putting on a jacket with enthusiasm, there’s a sign in it. At times, these conditions arise because your dog might feel overheated inside. It can put your dog’s health at risk.


Plus, you should give equal attention to the material and design before buying a dog coat. Remember, your dog’s comfort is in your hands, never compromise on it.


5. Decide a Budget


As long as there is a rise in pet fashion, the prices of pet products will surge. Therefore, it is mandatory to define a budget for everything. There is no end to your shopping list for your four-legged. But, you can’t deny the fact that you need to set a limit on your spendings. Before you buy a dog coat, decide on a specific amount that you are willing to spend. Try to find online deals that fit your budget and give you the best quality product justifying the price. Whether you go for brands or shop local, make sure you don’t bang your bank much. You never know, the pet product store in your town might have something interesting waiting for you and your dearest dog for a long enough time!




These five handy tips are for those who feel selecting large coats for grown-up dogs is tricky. By now, you must have understood that with a little know-how and the right efforts, you can buy the best for your dog. Above all, you should know what your dog needs because there is nothing significant beyond your dog’s choices.

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