5 Tips for Choosing the Right Manufacturing Supplier


    You have your well-researched product, ready to be introduced to the masses. Your website is optimized for all your anticipated orders. But soon, quality complaints come in, and stock is not replenished in time.

    What happens? Your business falls flat.

    Choosing the right manufacturing supplier can make or break your business. It does not matter how innovative your product is if you do not have the right supply chain.

    But where do you begin? It can be overwhelming, but this post has you covered. Here are five tips for how to choose a manufacturer.

    1. Decide on Your Criteria

    It is no good picking a popular supplier of similar products if they cannot meet your goals. So make sure you have a list of criteria you can refer to when you start your research.

    Consider your desired lead time, payment, and return policy. Also, consider what quality processes you want to ensure the supplier takes.

    Also, consider your communication criteria. This will be a big part of your liaison with your manufacturing partner.

    2. Consider the Location

    There are advantages and disadvantages to domestic and international suppliers. What is right for you depends on your business and criteria.

    A study found 76% of Americans are more likely to buy a ‘Made in the USA product. Also, you can easily visit a domestic supplier’s factory. It is important to inspect facilities and oversee production.

    Plus, domestic shipping is cheaper and faster.

    International suppliers can be cheaper and may suit your product niche. However, visiting the factory will be difficult when vetting the manufacturer. And although China has the highest manufacturing output, the United States is second!

    3. Search for Production Type

    Search for domestic or international manufacturers based on what they offer. You need to know they can meet your criteria and manufacture your product, especially if it is niche.

    Search trade publications or trade associations for your desired industry. Search engines such as Thomasnet help you search by product category.

    4. Manufacturing Supplier Capabilities

    Once you have some options, check that suppliers’ production capabilities meet your criteria. You need to check their costs and turnaround times. Sometimes offers or cheap bulk deals do not equate to efficient lead time.

    Also, research the manufacturer supplier’s minimum order amounts. Doing this will narrow your search further.

    5. Check Manufacturer Credibility

    When vetting a manufacturer, you have to research their credentials. Do not just look at Goggle reviews; dig a little deeper! Consider getting a sample product, references, and analyze their online presence.

    Some manufacturers make this easy. They provide information on their website that you can use as a start point.

    Take, for example, this manufacturer of wire rope cable assemblies. The website provides lots of information. Information includes their years of experience, industries served, and materials used.

    How to Choose a Manufacturer

    It can be overwhelming when you start to research manufacturers for your business. But do not skip vetting a manufacturer, as they will determine whether your product is a success. If you follow these steps, you will be on your way to picking a manufacturing supplier you can trust!

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