How to Create a Robust Fire Safety Plan

    Emergency Fire Exit

    Are you thinking about developing a fire safety plan for your business? It’s a great idea and something that is required to legally run a business.

    While you don’t want to think about having a fire at work, statistics show, more than 3000 happen every year, causing more than 100 million dollars in property damage. If you don’t have a fire safety plan, you can experience loss and damage, injured employees, and even the death of employees. For these reasons, preparing for the worst is something you cannot afford to avoid.

    Fortunately, by making a plan and educating your employees, you can reduce your risk of a fire and everything that comes with it. If you are wondering how to create an effective fire safety plan for your business, this short and simple guide is for you.

    Know the OSHA Requirements

    The first step for creating a robust fire safety plan is to understand the OSHA requirements. This will not only keep you compliant, but it will also give you the best chance at keeping your employees and your company safe. Look for a fire safety plan template and start from there.

    Provide Fire Safety Training for Your Employees

    One way to encourage fire safety in the workplace is to provide your employees with ongoing training. They should learn everything from how to spot a potential fire hazard to knowing where the fire extinguishers are kept. By training your employees, you can reduce your risks of a workplace fire.

    Assign Fire Safety Roles and Responsibilities

    Part of any good health and safety plan is to assign certain employees with safety roles and responsibilities. Designate one or two employees for this role and provide them with the training they need to be successful. This is a great way to involve your employees while also adding an extra layer of protection for your company.

    Establish Evacuation Procedures and Routes

    A helpful tip for creating a fire safety plan is to establish evacuation procedures and routes. You need to know how employees will be alerted of a situation, how they will leave the building, and the area they will evacuate to. Planning your evacuation procedure and route can be the difference between keeping your employees safe and risking injury or even death.

    Practice Fire Drills Regularly

    Once you have a complete fire safety training plan, you need to practice fire drills regularly. By practicing fire drills, your employees will know what to do when they are alerted of a fire. Not only will you help your employees be better prepared, but practice drills will also take the stress out of the process should a real fire occur.

    This Is How to Create a Robust Fire Safety Plan

    By following these tips, you can create an effective fire safety plan for your company.

    Start by knowing the OSHA requirements you need to follow. You should also provide fire safety training for your employees and assign fire safety roles and responsibilities. Make sure to establish evacuation procedures and routes and practice fire drills regularly.

    Follow these tips to keep your employees safe from fires at work.

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