4 Signs It’s Time to Repair your Washers and Dryers


    With the right laundry equipment, it’s easy to run your business successfully. However, this process can be a nightmare when this equipment is damaged. Any damage can result in time-consuming and inconvenient problems for your customers and the business. To avoid this, it’s best to identify signs of damaged dryers and washers early enough. Also, ensure you have the needed commercial laundry parts from sources like Laundry Replacement Parts before calling a professional technician. Some signs you can look out for include;

    The washer isn’t functioning

    When customers load the washer but it fails to start up is a sign that it is broken. The washer motor could be damaged and no power is supplied to the washer. This can, fortunately, be replaced with dexter laundry parts. Test the switch by turning off the power to the washer, remove all the wires from the lid switch, take a multimeter and measure the switch’s continuity, if there is none, then the switch may need replacing. To help you retain your clients, get the issue resolved immediately by a qualified technician.

    Water in the Drum

    When each spin cycle, the items should not be wet. When the opposite happens, there could be something wrong with the washer.  Similarly, if you notice that the water in your washer’s drum from the first cycle is not draining, then your washer needs some attention. If you take out some of your load and redo the cycle, the water may completely drain. However, this solution will only be effective for a short time and may even lead to further costly damages. The opposite could also happen where the drum isn’t filling up with water. This means clothes aren’t soaked enough to a complete wash. This can be a result of mechanical or sensor errors. The best solution is to call a qualified technician to check and repair your washer early enough. Ensure the technician you hire is certified and qualified. This helps ensure that the repair is done fast and correctly thus reducing your business downtime.

    For the dryer, signs include;

    Burning clothes

    If you unload your clothes from the dryer and they are burned or smell like it, then something is wrong with your dryer.  This can be caused by various things such as a compromised dryer vent. The best solution is to contact a technician to check your dryer’s drum seals and glides and repair the problem. It is advisable not to try to repair the dryer yourself if you do not have the experience and qualifications. You could injure yourself and further damage the dryer. Call a technician as soon as you notice this problem.

    Clothes not completely dry

    If you notice that after a complete cycle your clothes are still not dry, then your dryer needs a technician. This could be a result of the compromised vent. Like the above signs, it is advisable to have the problem fixed early enough by a professional. Delays could lead to higher operating costs and even loss of revenue.

    Washers and dryers need ample care and maintenance. When you notice any sign of malfunctionings such as water in the drum not draining, and the drum isn’t receiving enough water, call a technician to fix the problem. This way you’ll keep your customers coming to your facility.

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