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4 Factors to Consider When Hiring Commercial Painters

There’s a great deal to consider when hiring commercial painters. After all, there isn’t much point in spending money unless you’re getting a genuinely professional service. You want a group of experts with real commercial painting experience.

Today we’re going to review a few factors to help make sure you hire on a service that’s worth it. You deserve the final results to look beautiful, be finished on time, and stay on budget.

Factor #1: Price

At the end of the day, you should get what you pay for. If you’ve decided to hire a professional service, you don’t want your money to go to waste.

Do some research on what jobs of similar size and complexity generally cost. This can make a good baseline for what you might expect to pay. Just keep in mind certain factors like unusual room layout or special requests may raise your price above the average.

The best commercial painters will offer you a free estimate to help in your decision-making process. These estimates will allow for comparing painter fees, thus ensuring you get the best deal.

It’s also worth asking about things such as overtime fees. Some companies will charge extra if a job takes longer than expected. We recommend finding a company that doesn’t charge such fees, since you shouldn’t have to pay for errors on the painting company’s part.

Factor #2: Skill & Experience

We’ve gone over price, but that won’t mean much if the painters you’ve hired are bad at their jobs. You want to make sure whoever you hire has commercial painting experience, ideally doing work very similar to what you’re hiring them for.

Commercial painting can be more precise than one might imagine. A painter is doing more than painting a wall one solid color; they need to avoid getting paint on things like the floor, windowsills, and more. It is meticulous work where mistakes can be disastrous.

Online customer reviews can help you gauge how others viewed a given company’s work. As a rule, a company with less than 4 or 5 stars has some explaining to do. 1 or 2 stars, meanwhile, is a sign you should stay away.

Many companies will show their previous work on their website, much like a portfolio. Pay attention to areas of the room that are detailed or otherwise difficult to paint. This will be one of the best signs of a company’s ability to do good work.

Factor #3: Timeframe

The average-size room takes two to four days to paint. At a certain point, a job takes as long as it takes. That said, not every company works at the same pace.

Some companies work slower, some work faster. Many might allow for you to accelerate their schedule for an increase in cost. What’s important is you at least consider the timeframe you’ll be looking at.

The reality is that getting a room painted is inconvenient. You’re going to need to plan around the work being done. It can very much be worth it but you don’t want to plan an event thinking the room will be painted only for it to be half-finished.

Most companies should be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long a job will take. That said, it isn’t impossible for a job to finish a few days early or late.

However long a job might take, the good news is that most companies can work around your schedule. While the painting itself can’t always be rushed, they can at least pack up and stay out of your hair as needed. This is great news for commercial spaces, which sometimes need painters to work at specific, often strange hours.

Factor #4: Versatility

When looking at available options for painters, it can often benefit you to choose a company that is versatile. For instance, some painting companies can not only paint but also help install trim packages to help you further nail down the look of a room.

It’d also be fair to ask if the company is equipped with the commercial painting tools best suited to the job at hand. That may seem like a strange question and might be unnecessary if the room you intend to have painted is average-sized. However, if the room is large or strange in shape, you may want to make sure the painters have everything they need to do a safe, effective, and thorough job.

Samples of custom work can often be a good sign of how versatile a company is. While plenty of companies can somewhat competently paint a standard rectangular room, custom work on things like railings and other complex shapes is often the mark of a good company. It shows they’re getting by with at least some skill rather than just by taking the easiest jobs.

As a rule, the more complex the space you’re having painted, the more versatility matters. A company that can adapt to change can better approach unique challenges.

Take Care When Hiring Commercial Painters

When hiring commercial painters, you only benefit by taking some time to make the decision carefully. In many cases, the work they do will affect your home for a decade or more to come. There isn’t much reason not to ensure they do a good job.

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