10+ Best Magento 2 Extensions to Boost Your Business 2024


Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for building online stores. However, to take full advantage of what Magento has to offer and keep up with modern business needs, extensions are essential. In this article, we will showcase over 10 of the best Magento 2 extensions to help grow your business. Whether you need features to optimize the customer experience, manage inventory better, or integrate with other platforms, there is an extension for that. Implementing the right extensions can supercharge your Magento store and take it to the next level.

Collection of 10+ Best Magento 2 Extensions

1Magento 2 SEO ExtensionBSS CommerceCommunity: $149
Enterprise: $299
2Magento 2 ChatGPTBSS CommerceCommunity: $99
Enterprise: $249
3Magento 2 Google Tag ManagerMazeplazaCommunity: $149
Enterprise: $349
4Power Subscription Management SolutionPowerSync$99/month
5Instagram FeedElfsight$0 – $12/month
6Loyalty & ReferralsYotpoStart at $15 – $199/month
7Nostro PersonalizationNostro SolutionsStart at $0.01
8Youtube GalleryElfsightStart at $0
9LiveChatLiveChatStart at $20
10Magento Order FulfillmentMagestoreDepends on your business


Magento 2 SEO Extension

Picture4 1

First one in the list of best Magento 2 extensions, let’s get into Magento 2 SEO Extension. It’s a comprehensive SEO toolkit that helps online stores optimize their websites and increase visibility in search engine results. It includes a variety of features to boost SEO performance. To explore more detailed features, let’s visit: https://bsscommerce.com/magento-2-seo-extension.html

Key Features:

  • 14 individual SEO modules like Breadcrumbs, Meta tags, XML/HTML Sitemaps, Rich Snippets, Canonical tags, etc.
  • SEO templates for meta titles, descriptions, images alt texts.
  • Robots meta tags and 301 redirects configuration.
  • SEO reports and audits to track rankings and the success of optimizations.
  • Integration with Google Search Console.


  • One-stop solution for all SEO needs with 14 modular extensions.
  • Easy to set up and use via the graphical interface.
  • Regular updates and support from developers.
  • Free installation, support for 1 year, and lifetime updates.


  • Individual SEO extensions can also be purchased separately at lower prices.
  • Minor bugs reported in some extensions require fixes.

Magento 2 ChatGPT

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Another Magento 2 extension developed by BSS Commerce you can’t miss out on is Magento 2 ChatGPT Extension: https://bsscommerce.com/magento-2-chatgpt-extension.html. It leverages artificial intelligence to automate content creation for Magento stores.

Key Features:

  • Auto-generate unlimited product/category/CMS page content based on prompts.
  • Create SEO-optimized content with one click for titles, descriptions, canonicals, etc.
  • Integrate ChatGPT button for content areas like descriptions and metadata.
  • Works with page builders and text editors.
  • AI dashboard for content monitoring.


  • Saves huge time by automating repetitive content tasks.
  • Makes content creation highly scalable for large stores.
  • Updated regularly with the latest AI capabilities from OpenAI.
  • Competitively priced AI solution for Magento.


  • Depends on the stability and capabilities of third-party AI services.
  • Machine-generated content may need human validation and edits.

Magento Order Fulfilment

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Magestore’s Magento Order Fulfillment module is one of the best Magento 2 extensions for order fulfillment. Let’s look at its key features, pros, and cons.

Key Features

  • Centralized order management dashboard with visual order stats
  • 5-step order fulfillment workflow from order verification to delivery
  • Barcode scanning for picking and packing
  • Multi-warehouse order management
  • API integration with major carriers


  • Intuitive interface that’s native to Magento admin
  • Automates and speeds up order processing
  • Seamless synchronization with Magento orders
  • Lifetime license with regular updates


  • Basic version has limited features
  • Not as full-fledged as standalone OMS
  • Learning curve for users new to Magento

Magento 2 Google Tag Manager

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Magento 2 Google Tag Manager is a Magento 2 extension developed by Mageplaza that allows store owners to easily manage marketing tags and code snippets using Google Tag Manager.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with Google Analytics 4 and Google Adwords for reporting and analytics
  • Supports over 60 different tag types for various marketing and tracking needs
  • Simplifies source code by handling script tags through Google Tag Manager


  • User-friendly web-based interface for non-technical users to manage tags
  • Cuts down on complicated source code for improved page load speeds
  • Integrates key analytics and marketing tools in one centralized solution


  • Reliant on Google Tag Manager for core tag functionality
  • Does not natively support all marketing tags like Google Ads without custom work

Power Subscription Management Solution


PowerSync Subscription Management is a robust recurring billing and subscription management solution for Magento stores. It allows merchants to offer subscription-based products and services in their Magento stores.

Key Features:

  • Support for common subscription types like memberships, auto-shipments, software licenses, etc.
  • Flexible subscription plans with options for custom pricing, trial periods, shipping frequencies, etc.
  • Integrations with popular payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree, etc.


  • Extensive feature set, ease of setup
  • Good documentation and support
  • Various digital and physical subscriptions


  • Initial setup cost and monthly subscription fees
  • Some advanced customizations may require consulting fees

Instagram Feed


The Elfsight Instagram Feed widget – one of the best Magento 2 extensions that allows you to showcase Instagram posts from any public account or hashtag directly on your website. It has a versatile set of features to customize the look and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Display photos from any public Instagram account or hashtag.
  • Two layout options – Slider and Grid.
  • 12 predefined color schemes and the option to customize colors.
  • Popup option to view posts at full size with carousel.


  • Easy drag-and-drop installation
  • Live customization, good integration support


  • The feed may not update in real-time

Yotpo Loyalty & Referrals


Yotpo’s Loyalty & Referrals solution provides advanced tools to build, launch, and evolve loyalty programs to help you boost retention, purchases and referrals.

Key Features:

  • Build customizable loyalty programs with diverse reward offerings.
  • Deploy tier-based programs based on points, spending, purchases, or referrals.
  • Intuitive referral program tools to identify advocates.


  • Comprehensive reporting, analytics, and insights
  • Powerful segmentation and deep analytics


  • Learning curve for businesses new to loyalty marketing
  • Programs may also require ongoing optimization for best results

Nosto Personalization


Nosto Personalization is the best Magento 2 extension that leverages big data analytics to automatically personalize the user experience on a Magento store. It analyzes customer behavior data in real-time to predict the best products and offers to show each individual customer.

Key Features:

  • Segmentation of customers based on criteria like purchase history, website behavior, demographics etc.
  • Automatically send customized transactional and promotional emails.
  • Mobile app personalization across channels.


  • Uses AI/machine learning to analyze huge amounts of customer data in real-time.
  • Automatically delivers hyper-personalized experiences.
  • Provides tools to segments users and measure campaign performance.


  • Technical support response time can sometimes be slow
  • Additional costs are incurred based on the sales generated by Nosto’s recommendations.

Elfsight YouTube Gallery


The Elfsight YouTube Gallery is the best Magento 2 extension that allows merchants to display multiple YouTube videos on their store website in an interactive gallery format.

Key features:

  • Merchants can arrange the YouTube videos in various layouts such as grid, carousel, slideshow etc.
  • The gallery is localized and supports 18 popular languages.
  • Different qualities like 480p, 720p, 1080p etc. can be set for optimized loading.


  • Easy to embed YouTube videos without coding knowledge
  • Engaging lightbox pop-up viewer
  • Allows promotion of merchant’s YouTube channel


  • Recurring subscription fees apply unlike one-time payment extensions
  • Additional charges for features like individual video styling
  • May require technical assistance for complex customizations



LiveChat is a popular live chat software that can be used as a Magento extension to provide live chat support on e-commerce stores built with Magento.

Key Features:

  • LiveChat integrates with many other tools including CRM, help desk software etc. allowing merchants to manage conversations across multiple channels.
  • Merchants can see who is online and track visitors even after they leave the site to reconnect with potential customers.


  • Intuitive dashboard and interface
  • Omnichannel messaging across website, email and popular messengers
  • Good reputation as a chat software provider


  • Limited customization options for chat widget design
  • Pricing starts from $20/agent which can increase costs for businesses with more support agents

Final Words

These best Magento 2 extensions offer a huge variety of ways to optimize your store and take it to new heights. Don’t try to do everything at once though. Select an extension or two that addresses your most important goals, implement them, and then analyze the results before moving on. Together, Magento and the right extensions give you a powerful e-commerce platform to grow your business for years to come. Start boosting your store today!