10 Best Keyword Tools for Marketers out There



    Ahrefs has several keyword tools for SEO professionals to use. The first tool is the Ahrefs Keyword Tool. This tool is free to use, which allows you to list as many keyword ideas as you can come up with in the field. The tool is based on a “Quality Score”. This is a tool to help you evaluate the ranking potential of your content.

    The second tool is the Ahrefs Domain Explorer. This tool provides a nice summary of all the websites that are linking to your site. You can also see who’s linking to your website. This is a good tool to use in expanding your link profile and to get a clearer picture of who’s linking to you and why they are linking.

    Section 2: Google Keyword Planner

    This tool was launched back in the late 2000’s. It was originally known as Google Keyword Planner.



    Keyword Insider






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    Keyword Tool

    The tool

    Putting in your keywords in the tool and using its reporting should help you to achieve a better return for your dollar spent on ad spend. With a little preparation, you can focus more on quality prospects rather than quantity.

    Why You Need A Keyword Tool

    Companies spend millions of dollars every year advertising online, but not all of it is well spent. There’s been a lot of research done that indicates a significant amount of online marketing and advertising spend is wasted.

    A lot of it is due to poor keyword research, over-optimized ad copy, and irrelevant, low quality content.

    Google Adwords Keyword Tool

    Keyword tool is the best solution for marketers when it comes to finding best keywords for your advertisement or blog. You can set up ads or blogs with full control of your text and CTA without any hassle. Google Adwords is a popular tool for marketers. However, you should be a SEO expert to make the most of the tool.

    AdWords has been the best way to reach out to customers and measure your search result online. Besides that, Google Adwords is the first online advertising platform that has helped an individual to make $100 for 1000 searches by selling a commodity. The keyword tool is like a black hole that never lets you go anywhere.

    Many online marketers found Google Adwords tool to be difficult to use.



    Take this time to search for the best keyword tools for marketers, based on the 4 categories above.

    Obviously, these tools are good for marketers who want to track their keyword rankings in particular, but they could be good for anyone trying to market your website. Just choose a tool that suits your preferences.

    Here are the 10 best keyword tools you can use for marketers out there:

    1. Google Keyword Planner

    Google Keyword Planner is the most popular keyword research tool. It’s pretty intuitive and you can use it to create your keyword targets based on the search volumes and potential revenue associated with those keywords.

    You can compare the data to Google’s own, real-time data and see exactly how the trends are going for your top keywords.

    Term Explorer

    Jekyll SEO

    Keyword Tool

    Link Explorer





    Keyword Tool

    Keyword Tool automatically measures and displays the global search volume for every keyword used on your website.

    Keyword Tool is another handy tool which you can use to track traffic and referrer traffic. The tool not only provides tracking of referrer traffic, but it also provides domain search volume.

    Keyword Tool provides two free keyword databases. The free databases are:

    1 – It tracks domain search volume for all the keywords for any website that has access to their free version.

    2 – It allows domain search volume for keywords for a small number of websites to use in their free product.

    SEMrush Adwords

    SEMrush is one of the biggest keywords search engine out there. It focuses more on keyword research than other search engines. It claims to be much more accurate than other popular search engines like Google and Bing.

    Here are some useful features offered by SEMrush:

    Keyword Research tool.

    Display a variety of search analytics and statistics in one place.

    Top Keyword Tool.

    Remind you to update keywords as soon as a product is released.

    Social Keyword Tool.

    Customizable keyword suggestion tool.

    Search Similar Items with SEO.

    Here are some suggestions for working with SEMrush Adwords.

    Analyze your traffic.

    Creating a basic account will cost $49.50. This will allow you to create and manage ads across different campaigns. You can also track the data of your ads.


    What is SpyFU?

    SpyFu is a great keyword research tool which is very good in terms of performance. It works in quite an intuitive way and very fast. It is worth to mention that the tool is not just about the keyword. You can simply drag and drop keywords in order to manage the research. It is very easy to use and the search results are quite effective and not very specific.

    Once the research is complete, you can sort the result by several criteria. For example, the input keyword can be sorted by weekly and daily search traffic, and the resulting keywords should be sorted by the total number of monthly and daily searches. You can also sort the results by country.

    How Does it work?

    SpyFu is an intelligent tool which uses an algorithm to handle the different parameters of the research.

    SpyFu Blog

    Who Should Use SpyFu?

    Marketers have known SpyFu for years, and have used it as a resource for keyword research and advanced Google AdWords optimization, until recently.

    SpyFu has been stuck in Google’s shadow for a while, and other companies have outgrown SpyFu. Many of those companies have now found alternatives for keyword research, AdWords optimization, and competitive intelligence.

    Where does that leave SpyFu? A few features are exclusive to the Enterprise level of SpyFu, which is $99 per month.

    If you’ve got just a small amount of money to spend, then SpyFu is an awesome tool for marketers. If you’ve got thousands of dollars to spend, then SpyFu is an amazing tool for Google AdWords managers.


    Okay, there are quite a lot of tools that offer keyword tools to help you determine your keyword performance, and in a number of cases, some of the tools are actually free. However, it’s better to use paid tools because you get more specific insights that enable you to make better business decisions.

    Choosing the right keyword tools can be a bit daunting. Since there are hundreds of them, you want to consider the following points before deciding to use any of the free keyword tools.

    Use free keyword tools only if you can really get value out of them. If not, go and buy a paid tool. There are a number of paid keyword tools that are better than their free counterparts.

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