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5 Ways to Reach iOS and Android Users: Increase Your App Downloads


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  • How to Reach iPhone and Android Users for Your Mobile App
  • Keyword Research is Crucial for iOS and Android Apps
  • 5 Ways to Reach iPhone and Android Users for Your Mobile App
  • From Quality To Quantity
  • Final Thoughts
  • How to Reach iPhone and Android Users for Your Mobile App
  • Does your current marketing efforts only reach a limited number of Android and iOS users?
  • You’ve likely heard about how many iPhones and iPads are sold each year, but it’s surprisingly easy to reach a very large number of people — and get great ROI in the process.

App Store Optimization

We all know that Google and Apple’s rules don’t allow ads to be placed in apps. Those rules have some exceptions, however, so while you can’t have banner ads or popup ads in an app, you can have keywords/phrases in your title and description, or your app name itself.

Google specifically allows keyword and phrase inclusion in their search ads, and you can submit your app to Google Adwords and let them display your app keywords.

You can use other ad networks to display ads, but they can be expensive and the competitive landscape can be difficult to navigate. I usually only use Ads.txt and Safari extensions.

If you’re looking for the best ad network to get your ads displayed, check out AppLovin.

Websites vs.

Use Social Media

If you’re not big on social media platforms, you’re definitely missing out on a great audience. If you don’t own any social media platforms and know nothing about them, that’s okay.

Although Instagram and Twitter are social media platforms, you have to follow proper etiquette to be on them. You have to be careful not to spam other people’s feeds or posts. For example, do not use unkind words or start an argument. Just stick to sharing links and graphics.

On Instagram, you can add the hashtags #and and #follow on your posts and videos to draw attention to them. The more followers you gain, the more people see your content. People can also follow you on the social networks of their choice.

Here are some additional tips for increasing your downloads on both iOS and Android.

Multi-Platform Apps

You’ve just got an idea, your audience is hungry for it, and you know your app will meet their needs.

Then why is your app still not downloading on the mobile platform of your choice?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And while your waiting for success to happen, make sure you’re getting as much traffic to your app as possible.

You can do this by leveraging the vast number of devices and carriers out there. What devices are your customers using?

What mobile carrier is your audience using?

What operating system is your audience using?

Multiply these factors out and you get some great tips on how you can increase your app downloads.

Increasing Your App Downloads


Mobile Advertising

Over 80% of smartphone users visit a brand’s mobile site, and it’s growing, but more than half of those users never download an app. App downloads are notoriously difficult to measure; you’ll be surprised to learn there’s a technical reason that keeps apps down.

The reason? Your app needs to reach the millions of app install URLs displayed across the landscape of app marketing platforms in order to be successful, and marketers are still struggling to prove the value of their advertising campaigns.

Here’s the good news: If you understand the value of digital ad delivery, and how the app ecosystem works, you can increase your app downloads by targeting key app users.

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