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Why Brochure Printing Is an Effective Marketing Tool

Printed marketing materials such as brochures are still effective. In fact, did you know 39% of consumers try a brand for the first time thanks to print marketing?

Bearing in mind we live in a digital age, that’s an impressive statistic. While marketers may want to switch over to digital marketing, many benefits make printed marketing materials a valuable investment.

In this post, we will explore the advantages of brochure printing and illustrate how print can be an effective way to reach your target audience.

Think About Your Demographic

To determine who you are trying to reach, what do you want to communicate? Is it a 30-minute sales pitch that caters to people with a high income or an easy-to-digest piece of relevant and timely content for a younger audience?

If your brochure is off the cuff and doesn’t address your goals, there is no real benefit to having printed marketing materials. The end goal of brochure printing in today’s market is to target those who won’t use the internet when considering your business.

A good marketing team and graphic designer such as Digi Print & Copy will work with you to make sure you have the best brochures in marketing for your target audience.

Keep It Simple

The best way to approach a print marketing piece is to prevent the information overload that comes with online marketing. Consumers will appreciate the clarity of a well-designed, detailed brochure.

A brochure printing service can have your print marketing materials designed and printed in as little as one business day. That makes it ideal for looking to get your message out at speed to an audience that may not include many online users.

Tactile Experience

You can’t hold and feel the internet in the same way you can a brochure. Online users can click or tap a button that will guide them elsewhere at the touch of a finger. This style of interaction is not as direct as holding something in your hand.

The tactile nature of paper is more authentic and engaging than an online experience. If you can get your branding right, this is a sure-fire way to convert your readers into customers.

A great example of this is scent-based marketing in multi-level marketing brochures. Imagine trying to portray a scent online for a fragrance. You will never replicate the same experience online.

Consistent Branding

As mentioned above, brand awareness is key. Suppose your business has been around for more than a few years. Then you’ve already developed a brand identity that will create a strong aftermarket.

A printed marketing piece promotes brand image in a way that online marketing tools can’t match. Brochure printing allows all your marketing to occur in one place.

For many, that’s better than moving across different platforms to find information. It’s also a cheaper, more viable option for local businesses. In most cases, local businesses don’t need a large online presence.

Brochure Printing Complements Online Marketing

Digital marketing is moving closer to being the only way to brand and market a business. But that doesn’t mean that printed promotional materials have lost their value.

It’s helpful to have a visual presence. It’s most true in today’s world when consumers are on the internet most of the time. The fact that brochure printing is still important should be a wake-up call for those that think they can skip traditional print marketing materials in favor of digital formats.

Keep reading for more advertising advice that reads between the lines!

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