Why are Wall Mounts better than Television Floor Stands?

After you have bought the television, you are ready to make an investment but unsure how to go about it. Well, talking about television, you should consider a few things to get a suitable flat TV mounting system. When considering, make sure that you keep the size and weight of the television in mind and then plan it out.

The size and weight of a television has a lot to do with how you are planning to mount it. Mounting a big 60 inches HDTV will make your walls crumble down. Hence, it is suggested to go with a smaller size television which is simpler to maintain.

Maintenance is yet another factor to keep in mind. As your television sits in the mid of the wall of your house, it will collect a lot of dirt and dust. If you have installed it at a height, you may not be able to give it a regular cleaning.

Other than this, placement of the TV also plays a major role in deciding whether you want a floor stand or wall mount. Once you have considered all these factors you can proceed to the selection of the TV brackets. There are two major options when you think about TV brackets. They are available in different styles.

  • TV floor stands
  • Wall mounts

TV floor stands: It is good to have TV floor stands in the house as they are mostly safe. But, going for cheaper models isn’t recommended as they are not robust and hard to rely upon. They depend on how you put them together as they come disassembled from the store.

Wall mounts: Wall mounts are installed by professionals in NYC. You can hire a tv wall mount installation service to get it installed and your television mounted on it. They come with the tools and parts that you need for getting it affixed.

With a floor stand, your viewing can be obstructed. If your bed is higher than the stand, it will get really tough for you to watch TV. This is seen especially in the living area. TV stands should be strategically placed to get the best viewing results.

Wall mounts are highly recommended because they are available with a swivel option which helps you to tilt them up or down to get an optimum viewing exposure. Also, when you get your TV installed on a wall mount, you modernize the interiors of your house. It makes your room look great and well-organized. There are no wires or tool box seen on the wall or floor. Every wire or setting is well-covered, hidden and properly systematized.

If you want to get more information on flat TV mounting, then you can contact Brooklyn TV Guys. They will explain to you how a wall mount is better than a floor stand. Call a professional today to get it installed. Do not try to do it on your own as television is a major investment and any casualties will bring you a major loss.


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