Which Health Insurance Policy Is Good For Kids? 


Children require special attention from birth to adulthood. However, food adulteration, pollution, and poor diets make kids more susceptible to health issues. Children’s health insurance plan is wise, given India’s rising healthcare costs. 

What is child health insurance? 

Kids’ health insurance supports their medical needs. It covers child hospitalisation*, vaccination, and clinical checkups. It financially supports the parents when a child gets sick, injured, or diagnosed. Infants, pre-teens, and teens can be covered under this type of health insurance. Parents can get health insurance for their kids and get proper care when needed. 

Why buy child health insurance? 

Your youngster will receive health insurance benefits significantly. Check out these reasons to acquire your kid’s health insurance: 

  1. Weak immunity: 

Kids are more susceptible to infections and diseases than adults due to lower immune systems. Hospital visits are costly. A child’s health insurance coverage will cover your child’s unexpected illness or infection. 

Plus, due to their inexperience, young children are more likely to get hurt. Walking and running can potentially injure babies. Kids get hurt easily. Kids’ health insurance covers treatment costs, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

  1. Riskier: 

Because they play outside without taking care of them, children are more likely to contract illnesses, viruses, and infections. Kids may become sick from eating without cleaning their hands. Child health insurance lets you give your kids the highest care without draining your money. 

  1. Poor lifestyle habits: 

Lifestyle of children have deteriorated in recent decades. More kids are choosing TV and phone games over-exercise. More kids prefer junk food over home-cooked food, deteriorating eating habits. Thus, lifestyle diseases have increased in children. Health insurance will cover several health issues for your child. 

Child health insurance plans – 

Two types of child health insurance exist: 

  1. Family Floater Health Insurance, aka health insurance plans for family covers a child and their family on a floater sum insured basis. It protects your child as a member of the health insurance policy. Plans typically cover 4–7 family members, including children. A family health plan for your child is cost-effective and provides additional coverage. 
  1. Individual-sum insured child health insurance –  Only the insured child’s medical bills are covered under this plan. This child health insurance plan costs less than family floaters. 

What is covered under child health insurance? 

A child health insurance plan covers: 

  1. In-patient hospitalisation* expenses: 

These cover the covered child’s hospitalisation* for more than 24 hours. It includes ICU, medicine, diagnostic, room, and nursing fees. 

  1. Newborn baby cover:  

It covers neonatal medical bills. The maternity benefit are also included under this coverage. 

  1. Day care treatments:  

It covers daycare for insured children who need a maximum 24-hour hospital stay. 

  1. Pre- and post hospitalisation:

This coverage usually lasts 30–90 days before hospitalisation*. Post-hospitalisation expenses cover the insured child’s medical consultations and care after release for a certain number of days after hospitalisation*. 

  1. OPD treatment:

It covers the covered child’s outpatient consultations, dental care, and diagnostics. 

  1. Ambulance charges:

It covers ambulance fees to take the insured child to the nearest hospital in an emergency. Domiciliary hospitalization* covers the covered child’s medical expenses for treatment at home by a certified doctor. 

Thus, a child health insurance plan can be very helpful for you and your little ones.

‘Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.‘ 

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