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What makes business cards indispensable?

Despite the digital waves creating more opportunities for closer interactions between people through social media platforms when introducing any business most convincingly, the physical interactions between a sales representative and the prospective customer are still much more effective. During such interactions, business cards play a dominant role as people look upon them as a tool to judge the credibility and professionalism of the business. By looking at the type and quality of the business card, people judge a company’s status and level of professionalism to expect from it. While it is true that businesses are more and more embracing digital technologies and automation, it still relies on the traditional wholesale business cards that help its representatives establish a credible presence of themselves as well as the business and brand. 

 Branding with business cards

Brands remain intangible entities until the company representative flashes out the business card in front of prospective customers.  They use the cards in the same way with existing customers to remind them gently about the brand and refresh their memories as the deluge of digital publicity seems to be overwriting human memory too often. Business cards are important tools for branding. Even today, when you visit any trade fair where the stalls use all kinds of digital displays and other technology to interact with visitors, you will still find a few boxes of business cards displayed prominently at the reception desk. Visitors make it a point to collect a business card before exiting the stall, which shows how much people still rely on the power of business cards to establish business relationships. 

Here are some reasons why business cards are still indispensable for branding and marketing.

Add a personal touch

The opportunity of exchanging or presenting business cards is vital for establishing a personal touch to the business through close personal interactions. Typically, people shake hands and exchange pleasantries while giving the business card for introducing the business, and the personal touch generates an instant interest in the business. The impact of the physical introduction will make people take the business seriously and note the information contained in the card to gather more detail about the business that helps in evaluating its status. The warmth of the interaction helps to build a relationship that augurs well for business

Semi-permanent record

Business cards are semi-permanent records free from the threats of accidental deletion like it happens with digital data. A person who has the business cards would generally retain it in cardholders as long as they want unless they lose it due to careless handling, chances of which are pretty less. Since people can view the cards in the folder without removing them, the chances of losing any card are much less. On the other hand, digital data is always under the threat of data loss or corruption, which would make the information inaccessible and cause a lot of inconveniences. Business cards are still much reliable for retrieving company information without any fuss.

Part of business etiquette

Business cards are essential marketing tools integral to almost all types of businesses but remain deeply embedded within corporate culture and a necessary part of business etiquette. Business cards hold a prominent place in many companies, and it is unthinkable for employees not using them during professional interactions. For example, when the representatives of two companies meet each other, they would first shake hands to greet each other, exchange business cards, and then start talking about business. Again, when meeting some prospective client or customer, the company representative uses the business card for self-introduction (the name and designation appear on the card) and the company and brand, visible in the logo and other contact details printed on the card.

Get into business marketing straight away

Presenting business cards to customers sets the stage for starting a business conversation. Soon upon receiving the card, customers prepare to listen to what the company representative has to say. Business cards convey a lot of basic information about the company. It is easier for the company representative to make their business intentions clear right from the start as customers are ready to hear them. The business card reveals who the person is, the company behind it, and the position that the person holds in the company, which helps set the conversation’s tone. The instant acceptance of a stranger happens quite quickly only because of the power of business cards.

Compelling designs

A lot depends on the quality and design of business cards. From the card material, whether it is a paper card, plastic, or metal, to the graphic design, layout, fonts, colors, and the quality of printing, everything must be of top quality. Thus it creates the best first impression that goes a long way to judge the business in its proper perspective.

The more attractive business cards are, the higher is its impact on branding and engagement.

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