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Want to Deliver a Webinar? First, Make Sure You Have These 7 Thing


Achieving a successful webinar takes a lot of preparation, effort and team coordination. Delivering an engaging presentation for your audience may look like a tall order. That’s why we have compiled a list of 7 things you would want to watch out for prior to your starting your first webinar. 

  • Effective promotional campaigns

Ensure you are using the most impactful promotional campaigns for your business. For instance, you may want to encourage webinar registration through email and utilise your social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Place a banner on your website providing visitors with clear instructions on how to join. If you have an audience who is new to webinars, consider offering some useful information answering common questions such as ‘how does a webinar work?’ or ‘what is a webinar platform?’. 

  • Passion and energy

It is crucial that you show passion about the subject. This way your audience will be more eager to learn from you. Be sure to sound natural and use a conversational way of speaking. Also, presenting with energy and excitement will captivate your listeners and make them want to come back for more.

  • Different engagement strategies

Consider different methods for engaging your audience. For example, introduce a live chat, polls and Q & As at the end of the presentation for two-way communication. This will improve satisfaction and boost attendee rates. Also, do not forget to leverage plenty of media such as videos, images and GIFs. This will ensure variety and keep your audience’s attention to the presentation.  

  • One or more experts in the field

In order to make the presentation more interesting, you may want to search through your LinkedIn contacts and find at least one expert or thought leader in your industry. Make sure you choose a presenter who is enthusiastic about your webinar. If you decide to use more than one speaker, it is best to create a discussion between them rather than having separate monologues. 

  • Audio and video checks

You would want to avoid any technical issues which may occur. It is advisable to perform at least one sound and video check before the event. If you will be sharing your screen and switching between speakers, it is essential that you have a dry run prior to the webinar. This will ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible on the day.

  • Quiet and non-distracting space

The physical location is just as important as the software you use. It would be ideal to choose a quiet and possibly sound proof room. This way your audience will be able to hear you clearly and there would not be external distractions. 

  • Consideration to time zones

If you are delivering a webinar to a global audience, you should take into consideration different time zones. It would be useful to choose a time which would suit everyone and inform the audience whether the webinar will be recorded or not.

These seven steps will help you deliver a seamless and enjoyable webinar while producing great results with your team.


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