Ubisoft Introduces Non-Fungible Token Standard.

Ubisoft has announced that they will be adopting the new ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard for their games. This standard of token is different from the popular ERC-20 because it provides a greater level of detail to distinguish one token from another. It also allows for the storage of information about the owner and any associated metadata, which can be used to track who owns what in a virtual world. This new token standard will allow Ubisoft to create a more detailed map of their games’ worlds. You can read all about this topic on Ubisoft’s blog.

What is a non-fungible token?

A non-fungible token is a token, or digital asset, which is not interchangeable with other tokens. The non-fungible token is the opposite of fungible tokens and it is represented by the ERC-721 standard. This standard provides more detail to distinguish one token from another. The term “non-fungible” refers to assets that cannot be easily swapped with each other.

How does this new token differ from a fungible one?

A fungible token is one of a kind, but the new non-fungible token offers an infinite number of different tokens. Ubisoft’s blog post says “each item in our games will have its own unique identity on the blockchain”. With this new standard, they’ll be able to have full control over what items are available for trade and how they’re traded. This offers an exact level of detail that was not possible before with the ERC-20 token standard.

Ubisoft’s blog post also explained that “our Non-Fungible Token will be used in conjunction with another type of token to make up all the items in our games”. Basically, they’ll use both types (fungible and non-fungible) to create their game world.

Why did Ubisoft decide to adopt the new token standard?

The new token standard was created to allow for more detail and to also provide a way to track information about the owner of the token. This is important for Ubisoft because they are able to create a virtual world that is more detailed with greater control. The new token system would allow them to have more specific information about what exactly belongs to whom.

Ubisoft has decided to adopt the new Non-Fungible Token Standard because they want their games’ worlds to be more detailed. They can use this new token system as a way to know who owns what in their games. Ubisoft released an article on their blog, which you can read for updates on this topic if you’re interested.


Ubisoft, the world’s leading video game publishing company, has announced the adoption of the non-fungible token standard. This new standard is to be used in their upcoming game, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, and will soon be integrated into other Ubisoft titles.

Ubisoft is optimistic about the impact of this new token standard. They feel that it will allow for more immersive gameplay and give players more control over their game data. Ubisoft’s adoption of this new token standard is seen as an important step towards the future of gaming.


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