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Everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful among others. People want appreciation for their looks and body figure. That’s why they take care of their hands, feet, and face a lot. Especially, females are very conscious about their hands and feet. So, they need some beauty tools for manicure and pedicure. But, these life tools must be of high quality and made from non-toxic material. Zamberg is not only a brand name, it is another word of trust and best quality. No doubt their skincare tools and tools for manicure, pedicure, and overall skincare tool kits are of high quality and well-designed. These tools can sort out your wide range of grooming problems without creating any issues. Moreover, each category contains various items, and all of them are helpful and beneficial. Some products, such as Glass stick are a health magazine award winner of the year 2020. 


Women are very possessive regarding their nails and hands. Moreover, they have a complete collection of tools for manicure and care for nails. The list of their products related to hands is given below:

  1. Nail
  2. Cuticle
  3. Files and their Implementation
  4. Nail tool Sets
  5. Manicure Kits


Nail Clippers, Scissors, and Combination Scissors| Nail

All nail clippers and scissors are made up of hard steel, and they remain sharp for a longer time. Everyone appreciates the sharpness and quality of nail clippers and scissors. The combination scissors are also available for grooming the beauty of your hands. Moreover, baby scissors are also there which are not very sharp.

Glass Manicure Sticks| Cuticle

If we talk about their products associated with hands, then we must have to discuss their award winner glass manicure stick. Glass manicure stick is the most trendy product over the past few years. Indeed, it is women’s favorite manicure product. A few years ago, these sticks were not the part of the professional’s tool kit. With time changes, people become aware of the health benefits of using this glass manicure stick. In the year 2020, the “best of” award by health magazine is given to the Germanikure brand cuticle product. Moreover, it is the best among other beauty tools and also available at the most affordable price.

Why Glass Manicure Stick of Zamberg is Quite Famous?

Its one end is slanted, and another one is tapered. You can access small and creviced areas of your fingers easily. The textured slanted end will allow the safe scraping of hard skin and dead cuticle tissue. There is also no sharp blades and edges, so there is no chance of nail damage and cuts. Moreover, the glass manicure stick is fully sterilizable and made from Bohemian glass of the Czech Republic. The material makes it durable and strong. Due to these reasons, the glass cuticle stick becomes safe and suitable for all ages. So, anyone can use them without any problem.

Nail Cuticle Remover Tools | Cuticle

They are also known as nail cuticle remover pens and do their task very well. At the present time, various chemical options are available, but it’s better to use a proper utensil to keep your cuticle clean and healthy. It is a dead layer of the skin, and removing this cuticle makes your nails look longer and perfect. Zamberg offers several cuticle nail remover tools. It has stainless steel edges that allow cuticles to push back and clean the circular round of the nail by removing dead skin.

Sapphire Nail Files | Files and Implements

These nail files can efficiently and quickly shorten the nails. Moreover, these files have medium grit on one side and finer grit on the other side for smooth filing. The tips are extra fine to remove any debris from nails. These beauty tools have less chance of breakage, and they include a lifetime warranty against defects.

Glass Files | Files and Implements

Another highly durable product is the Glass nail file. No doubt, they are highly functional, durable, sterilizable, and in any direction, you can use them, easily. 

Steel Files | Files and Implements

In the same way, steel files are also breakage proof and easy to use. Especially, in giving shape to your nail, they are surprisingly good.

 Manicure Kits

The kit contains all items that are essential for performing a good manicure of your beautiful hands. All tools are perfect in their tasks and bring a feeling of satisfaction to you.


As you know, our feet also need care. Zamberg understands this need and brings a variety of beauty tools for taking care of our feet and maintain our toenails. The products associated with feet are:

  • Toenail Cutters
  • Ingrown Toenail
  • Foot Care 
  • Pedicure Kits


Everyone knows that people only see our faces. That’s why here at Zamberg, you can find awesome products for face care. 

  • Tweezers
  • Skin Care Tools

These are helpful in caring for and maintaining your overall face and make you attractive and beautiful.


Mostly, we talk about females products, Zamberg also has some beauty tools for men for shaving and maintaining their beards, such as:

  • Razors
  • Shaving Brushes.
  • Shaving sets

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