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What Is VEON?

Are you looking for stocks in the telecommunications sphere? If so, that’s a smart move. After all, the communications sector covers a wide range of companies involved in a variety of services.

These services may include broadband, wireless, and even traditional landlines. Currently, communications stocks have underperformed just slightly but are still seeing returns of 43.4 percent over the past year.

That’s not bad, considering the world has been in the throes of a pandemic. Which telecommunications companies should you have your eye on? Our top pick is VEON. Keep reading to learn more about this company and how it performs compared to other telecom companies.

Introduction to VEON

What do you need to know about VEON? This multinational telecommunications company is headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It serves ten percent of the globe and has a total of 213.5 million total active subscribers.

The company has a stated vision of accelerating mobile network infrastructure and making locally relevant digital services available to individuals worldwide. More than half of the sales generated by the company come from Russia.

But you’ll also find a very active VEON presence in places like Africa, Asia, and Europe. All told, VEON represents the ninth largest mobile network on the planet. It’s also an umbrella company for brands such as:

  • Kyivstar
  • Jazz Pakistan
  • Baglalink
  • Beeline
  • Djezzy

The CEO of VEON is Sergi Herrero, a pioneer of a new way of seeing telecommunications. He argues that the delineations between technology companies, data companies, and telecommunication services are fast disappearing.

In the face of these changes, he advocates for a future of “seamless digital opportunity.”

VEON and Its Competition

What distinguishes VEON from other telecom companies? For starters, its no-boundaries approach provides internet services and mobile networks to underrepresented regions of the world.

As Herrero notes, VEON ranks among the world’s social media giants because of its massive customer base. And the company has a stated vision of dominating the market by providing the best products to customers.

To do this, they emphasize intuitive user interfaces and a customer-centric approach that continues to win over fans. Products also get updated and adapted regularly so that they continue to meet the needs of customers.

The inherent innovation and flexibility underlying the company’s vision give it a distinct advantage, according to Herrero. He believes that the strongest companies must prove able to transform as needed to the new reality technology is creating for us.

VEON: The Takeaway

VEON also credits its expansive growth to its ability to recognize and satisfy the unmet needs of individuals in its many global marketplaces. What’s more, the company has long taken the tack of cultivating vertical relationships to provide customers with greater value.

As you can see, VEON remains one of the telecom companies that you need to watch in the coming months. And it has the potential to be a stock that delivers big dividends.

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