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Tips on Creating a Community of Professionalism in Your Company


Over 90% of managers in the US think that an interviewee’s fit with the company culture is as important as skills and experience. But only 12% of managers think their own company culture is ideal.

Creating a community and demanding high standards of professionalism are all key to good company culture. It should be an atmosphere that your employees want to opt into and have a genuine desire to be a part of.

So, how do you create a working community that produces growth and feels valued?

Here are some tips to promote this positive culture in your company.

Everyone Should Wear Name Tags

Asking your employees to wear name tags might seem like a frivolous request. But there are many reasons why name tags help when creating a community. It is helpful for large companies, in particular.

First, new starters will not avoid talking to certain members of staff because they do not know their names or position. It also avoids awkward situations where colleagues do not remember each other’s names after an introduction.

Some could opt to have phonetic interpretations of their names written on the name tags, too. This would give those from minority backgrounds the confidence to use their given name. Not a shortened or westernized nickname which is often the norm nowadays.

The name tags for your employees could also include that person’s pronouns so employees do not misgender other employees.

Lead By Example

Want your employees to encourage your employees to adopt a particular working style? Or a healthier work-life balance?

The best way to do that is to lead by example!

For example, presenteeism is a huge problem in workplaces. This is where employees arrive in the office early and/or stay late so their bosses know they are hard workers. Most do this because their bosses encourage it, but it does not lead to more productivity and does lead to burnout.

Instead, make a point of leaving the office right on time and saying bye to your colleagues.

Here are some other ways you can lead by example:

  • Listen to feedback
  • Encourage diverse voices
  • Follow through on promises
  • Zero tolerance on bullying

If you are more professional and set the standards, your employees are likely to follow.

Celebrate and Reward

Do you know what employees find very rewarding when working for a company? Rewards!

Organize many social events and incentives for your colleagues. They will be more likely to collaborate and communicate with each other at work if they have already connected in a social situation.

And take notice when there is a particularly busy period in your company. Incentives and rewards show that you care about their work ethic, professionalism, and dedication.

Enjoy Creating a Community at Work With These Tips

Creating a community of professionalism and loyalty is difficult but essential for all companies. The happier your employees are, the better work they produce and the more likely they are to stick around.

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