Tips for Finding the Right Office Space for Your Organisation or Nonprofit


    Selecting the right office is critical to the success of your organisation. You have to consider not only the location but many other things. A well-designed offices space at the right location is helpful for you, your staff and your clients. You can take advantage of more opportunities with this office. Launching your organisation from the right office gives you a good start.


    Location is the most important factor when starting an office or a commercial enterprise. The place should be accessible easily by public transport systems. Your office should be located in a building where common facilities are available. By having your office at the right place, you can take advantage of critical resources necessary to ensure the success of your organisation. Proximity to government agencies, highways, airports, hotels and public transport systems are beneficial for office and commercial ventures.

    Keep in mind that charges and fees at a high-value location are going to be higher. One way you can reduce this cost is by keeping your main office in a lower value area while keeping your client-facing office at a prominent location. This option may not be possible for a small organisation. Another way you can reduce the office cost is by selecting the office room on a higher floor or away from the front-facing part of the building.

    Ownership or Lease

    Owning an office requires a high upfront investment. Only an organisation with a large budget can afford this option. The lease option makes it possible to hire an office at a prominent location for a low starting cost. You can use a rental arrangement where you pay a small monthly amount every month. These options help you preserve your cash for business operations. You can plan your business growth and marketing strategies better when you have access to more cash.

    Look for Other Facilities

    You will need some other facilities as well in addition to the office space. The building must have adequate parking space for its property owners and tenants. Take into account the locations of your staff. You will face difficulty in attracting top talents if your office is difficult to reach. Your staff should be able to park their vehicles easily. Look for some recreational space within the property area. Employees sometimes want to take a break and relax. Nearby restaurants and cafes allow them to enjoy their favourite meals and drinks.

    All Workplace Providers Are Not Same

    Many businesses now search for a workspace provider that complies with the latest ethical and environmental standards. Ethical Property is one such workspace provider. It has been building a network of workspaces across the UK. These places are suitable for a wide range of businesses, organisations, commercial enterprises and institutions. You get the office space that has energy-saving features. The building is close to green and open spaces. Most of the energy comes from renewable energy. Only low energy electrical appliances and lighting solutions are used.


    The goal of Ethical Property is to promote ecological and ethical values in the field of rental office space. Its workspace for nonprofits aligns with the core values of a social enterprise.

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