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Things about the RandM Tornado 9000 Disposable Vape – Vape Online Store


The RandM Tornado 9000 kit comes pre-charged, so you can start using it right
out of the box. It comes with nicotine salt e-juice and can offer up to 9000 puffs
before needing to be replaced. You can choose from five different flavours –
banana, strawberry, pineapple, mango, and orange. All of these are available in
varying nicotine strengths from zero to three milligrams (mg). This device is a
rechargeable Disposable e-cigarette. It is not supposed to be used on a regular
basis and you should be prepared to replace the device as and when necessary.

The mod itself is quite small and convenient for carrying around in your pocket or
backpack or purse. It has 810 threads, which comes in handy if you have a tank or
dripper on the mod that you want to use. It comes with an OLED screen that shows
vital information. A great feature of this mod is the ability to choose between three
different voltage options as well as a temperature setting. The button on the mod is
placed exactly where it needs to be and everything is intuitively simple.

Features of using it:

It comes with a sleek design, with the 510 threads on the top and a battery life
indicator on the side. The device itself has the power button and an OLED screen to
display information. It is a dual 18650 mod, so it can accept high-voltage batteries
of any kind. The Randm vape 9000 puffs mod will automatically turn off if it is not
being used in order to protect your battery life as well as protect against dry hits.
This device has a wattage range of 5W to 210W and fires down to 0.05 ohms in temp
mode but supports 0.1 ohm in power mode. It also includes TCR, TFR, and preheat
functions that allow you to personalise your vaping experience completely.


Why use it?

You can use this device in small areas or on the go. You may have a number of tanks or mods, but you need to carry a few of these around and be prepared for the time when one dies out. You can also choose from five different flavours that you find most enjoyable, so it increases the attractiveness of this product in general. To top it all off, it offers a tonne of power and comes at an affordable price. For the price that you pay for this mod, you could get 200 other mods or tanks but that would not enhance your vaping experience.

Benefits of using it:

The mod comes with a sleek design and is easy to carry around. So there is no need to buy and keep track of them at all times. You have a lot of flexibility using this device, so you can choose your own flavour and choose the nicotine strength that you want for optimum use. The OLED screen on the side allows you to see important information at a glance, without having to turn on the mod up close. The button is perfectly positioned where it needs to be, when it comes to firing up your coils or adjusting the voltage settings.

Final Verdict:

This is a great device for using in areas where you just want to take a few puffs and then return it. You can quickly change batteries without having to go through the trouble of taking the mod apart. The mod is also small enough to fit into your pocket or purse, making it easy for you to carry around anywhere. It is important that you know how long you have before getting a replacement of this device.

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