The Vital Importance of Having a Website

Roughly 50% of small companies do not currently have a website. For many, this is seen as an expense that they will get to later. However, research has shown the vital importance of a website in maximising the potential of a business. Here are five primary reasons why you need a website.

Potential Customers Shop Online

As many as 93% of purchasing decisions are made after an online search. This is traffic that you want to have access to if you are to remain competitive in the modern business landscape. Otherwise, you are limiting yourself to a 7% opportunity to sell your products or services. Nowadays, consumers do a lot of research on the internet before committing themselves, especially with more expensive items. A company that does not have a website may come across as unprofessional if they are noticed at all. 

Creating Your Public Image

This leads to the second point of why it is necessary to have a website. You get to determine how your company is portrayed. A Google search will only bring up minimal information limited to a map and a picture of your premises with your contact details. Those who see this cannot tell if you are still operating. Nothing entices them to give you a call. It also does not tell people what you do that is unique or better than your competitors. 

Lost Sales

A website directs potential customers to a call-for-action. This is essential to your conversion rates as well as to growing your brand recognition. Without a website, you lose the opportunity to connect with people who would otherwise be reminded of you when they are ready to buy your product. The risk is that they will turn to a competitor who has made the effort to establish a relationship. You will also miss out on promoting special offers. 

Expertise and Costs

You may be wondering how to go about creating a website after realising the necessity for it. But you are held back by your lack of experience in website design and concerns about what it is going to cost. Fortunately, there are many companies who can do the work for you at a very reasonable price. Along with a website, they provide the apps and e-commerce aspects that are needed. They will handle search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, and social media to generate targeted traffic to your site, and help you achieve more sales, lower spending, and maximum return on your marketing investment. These service providers can also provide guidance on website hosting, which is inexpensive. Speak to experts in Birmingham about your needs for a website. 


A website is available 24/7/365. This is a big plus when you are ready to go global. It is great locally too as many searches are performed after hours. Sites usually have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section to handle the bulk of your inquiries and redirect viewers to relevant pages. Many also make use of chatbots to provide answers. This is supplemented with a ‘Contact us’ form that allows you to get back to customers during business hours. Your site will feature your latest products, deals, promos, and updates on news and events. It will also enable customers to make immediate purchases, all without you lifting a finger.

Getting a website is the logical next step for any business that doesn’t have one.