The Complete Guide to Purchasing Custom Neon Signs


Choosing the perfect custom neon sign in a world filled with options can be quite a task. This decision revolves around quality and can bring immense joy and delight. To make a well-informed choice when buying neon signs, it’s crucial to be equipped with the right knowledge. Here are some valuable tips on what to consider when in search of the best neon signs.

Determine the Purpose

The foremost question to address when searching for neon signs is their intended purpose. Defining the purpose will act as your guiding light in the selection process. Will the neon sign be used to enhance a wedding or birthday celebration, or is it intended for interior decoration in your living space?

For outdoor display, waterproof neon signs are a must to withstand rain and moisture. However, indoor use doesn’t require this feature. If you plan to place the neon sign in a child’s room, consider their favorite colors. If it’s for a business like a boutique, coffee shop, or beauty parlor, think about how the colors will complement the existing decor.

Hanging Elements

Consider how you will hang your neon signs. Outdoor displays will require suitable hanging elements, whereas indoor ones may not necessarily need them. You might opt for custom neon signs with a frame stand for interior use.

Additionally, think about the power source for the neon sign. For outdoor displays without a fixed power source, such as electricity, consider a rechargeable battery. The power source will also influence the type of neon sign you order, as it needs to align with the power capacity of the source.

Size Matters

Although impulse purchases are tempting, always consider the size of the surface or area where you intend to place the neon sign. The available space will determine the size you should go for. Measure the area using a tape measure before shopping to ensure a perfect fit. Keep in mind that the size will impact the final price of the neon sign.

Complement Design and Color

Neon signs come in various sizes, designs, and colors. It’s essential to align your choice with your interior decor, ensuring a seamless blend. Most vendors offer a wide range of design samples, different fonts, colors, and shapes, making it easier to pick the ideal option. If you’re uncertain about your choice, consult with your vendor, and they can create a mockup to help you decide.

Note that the complexity of the design can also affect the price, with curvy fonts generally being more expensive than block fonts.

The Sign’s Backing Matters

Don’t overlook the importance of the sign’s backing. Various backings are available for different neon signs, such as colorful PVC for enhancing colors, clear acrylic backing, and highly recommended mirror backing for the perfect effect. These options can all be customized to your satisfaction.

Stick to Your Budget

While you might have grand expectations, budget constraints can be a reality check. Your budget may limit your choices, but most neon experts understand this and will guide you toward options that won’t break the bank.

Final Thoughts

It’s crucial to share as much information as possible with your neon vendor. Clearly communicate your requirements from the beginning to avoid any misunderstandings. Explain your purpose, as this will help the neon studio tailor ideal options for your specific application. If you have a design in mind, share it, and they can create a bespoke solution. Consider size and budget constraints in every decision you make.

Remember that the quality of the outcome depends on the neon studio you choose.