Shoppable Instagram Shopify: What Is It & How It Benefits Shopify Brands


    Now you can sell your Shopify products on Instagram by making them Shoppable Instagram posts. Yes, you heard it right; with recently introduced Instagram Shopping features, brands and businesses can sell their products directly through Instagram. 

    Instagram Shopping allows brands to add product inventory and tag product/s in the Instagram posts to buy directly from the posts. 

    But how Shoppable Instagram works, and what are the benefits of using this feature for Shopify brands? 

    Here we will walk you through shoppable Instagram posts and how they will be advantageous for your brand’s Shopify store. 

    What Is This Craze About: Shoppable Instagram Feeds

    In 2017, Instagram started Shopping on Instagram, allowing business accounts to reveal product/s details directly on the Instagram posts. 

    With Instagram Shop, brands can tag their products in the Instagram post by providing product name, price, and description, with a link that redirects users to the online store or product page. 

    These Instagram Shoppable posts look similar to the original or regular Instagram post, but with an extra characteristic of the product tagged in the post. 

    Shoppable Instagram posts are effective and attractive, giving wide scope to your brand to grow sales and so forth. 

    Benefits Of Shoppable Instagram For Brands

    More than 90 million Instagram users tap on the Shoppable Instagram posts every month; these potent attract attention and excite users to click and check more details provided in the posts. 

    It is highly beneficial for a brand or online businesses as it engages and introduces potential audiences with their products directly while interacting with the Instagram feeds on their mobile screen. 

    It might have given you a pretty good idea about how Shoppable Instagram benefits brands, but here is more to know about the awesome advantages of growing the Shopify brand. 

    Boost Discoverability Of Your Shopify Products

    As millions of eCommerce stores are on the internet, it is increasingly possible that your potential customers click on your competitor’s website, even without checking what amazing offers you are providing to them. 

    And sometimes, it also happens that your Shopify store may not rank on the top results, which reduces the chances of clicking on your website. This leads to lower profitability of your online store. 

    But integrating your Shopify products in the attractive Shoppable Instagram post increases the discoverability of your products and Shopify store, without the challenge of ranking top on the search engine result page or SERP. 

    Increase Product Visibility

    Shoppable Instagram feeds or posts display the products as people tap on the post. Moreover, the shoppable Instagram post is highlighted with the “cart icon” on the image below. This attracts and entices users or so-called shoppers to view the product and get more details of the product shown in the image. 

    Shoppable Instagram posts grow the product’s visibility to the ultimate users, which are sometimes hard to find on the online store. Most of the time, your customers do not explore all the products on your online store. Thus Shoppable Instagram posts increase the visibility of your products. 

    Make It Is Easy To Shop

    Most online shoppers struggle with the long journey of searching for the product they want, spending hours learning more about the product, and then going through the long process of payment until the final checkout. 

    Shoppable Instagram posts cut off the time that people spend searching for the product and go through the long process of adding products to the cart and checkout process. Shoppable Instagram posts make shopping journeys instant by generating interest in the product and make it available to buy in a single click. 

    Build Social Proof Of Your Shopify Store

    People trust brands more when they hear and read the reviews from the customers. Instagram is a social media platform where people share their genuine opinions, views, and experience with other users. People easily believe the other Instagram users’ comments and reviews about the product. This increases the social proof of your product that ultimately increases the social proof of your brand too. 

    Effectively Reach Target Audience

    Instagram’s shopping feature allows businesses to target the ideal audience based on their specific interests, demographics, and location. 

    You can reach the target audience with a more powerful promotional campaign, including the product tag that allows your audience to explore more about the product and increase clickability. 

    Wrapping Up!

    Considering the benefits of Shoppable Instagram, it will significantly increase your Shopify brand awareness and visibility with the ideal audience of your product. 

    A successful marketing campaign is when it reaches the potential audience and reaches your goals effectively. 

    Thus, for a Shopify store owner, the primary and major objective is to grow more online sales and scale up their revenue. 

    Hence, it is possible with Shoppable Instagram to achieve your sales objective with many more exceptional marketing benefits.