SBI PO: Job roles and Responsibility


    The State Bank of India is considered one of the most popular public sector undertakings in India.  As a reason, it brags of having one of the maximum numbers of clients as well. Therefore, getting a job in SBI as a Probationary Officer is a vision and dream come true for all the banking candidates appearing in these examinations. 

    This article focuses on the following-

    • SBI PO Job Profile, SBI PO Salary, The Perks as well as Career Growth
    • Probation Period 
    • Post-Probation Period
    • SBI PO Salary 
    • SBI PO – Benefits and Allowances
    • SBI PO Career Growth
    • SBI PO Responsibilities and duties 

    SBI PO Job Profile, their Salary, the Perks as well as Career Growth

    All candidates need to understand the roles as well as the responsibilities of an SBI PO to ensure that they have an edge over other aspirants while the interviews are being carried out. They also enable the candidates to be aware of the work they will be engaged in.

    All aspirants who clear the selection process must experience rigorous training all through a probation period of 2 years. For the duration of this period, one is subjected to recurrent training as well as transfers.

    Probation Period

    For the duration of the probation, the candidates will be given diverse bank-associated activities to get them familiar with the functioning of the bank. The candidates will be provided training in several departments which can range from Finance to Accounting and Investment. They aid in the candidates gaining and acquiring practical knowledge.

    Some other tasks that the Probationary Officers include, management and addressing customer queries, searching for all complaints that associate with bank services, issuing ATM cards as well as Demand drafts. They can be held responsible for the supervision task of the bank clears as well.

    After the POs are adequately skilled and trained, they’re given additional responsibilities which can include Loan Processing and Planning, and Managing investments.

    The trainee SBI POs are primarily posted as Junior Management Grade Scale (JMGS) Scale 1. They can be posted at various positions which include-

    • Local Head Office
    • SME Branch
    • Regional Business office
    • Corporate Office or
    • Zonal Offices or in
    • General banking branch or
    • Special Branches  or
    • Specialized branches which include Cheque Clearing, as well as Pension Clearing

    Post-Probation Period

    After their probation period is completed, all the specified candidates must necessarily do a screening test, after which they can be appointed as the ‘Assistant Bank Manager’. They are then posted to any one of the branches. As they are doing the role of assistant bank managers, these candidates are held responsible for several daily customer transactions, which include the management of Cash and passing of cheques.

    On the other hand, Probationary Officers at SBI have additional responsibilities, challenges, and superior roles, as well as development and growth opportunities as compared to Probationary Officers of other banks.

    Their Salary 

    The State Bank of India gives the uppermost entry-level remuneration in the entire Banking Industry for Probationary Officers. Not just that, along with the same, it offers four increments at the initial phases.

    The basic pay including the four increments amounts to 27,620/-

    The Pay Scale can be shown in the below table-

    Basic Pay Annual Increment Number of years
    27,620 980 7
    30,560 1145 2
    32850 1310 7


    SBI PO – Benefits and Allowances

    Apart from salary, SBI PO also has the advantage of some benefits and perks which include Contribution Pension Scheme, Leave fare concessions, Medical Aid for self (100%), for family (75%), and Concessional interest rates for Housing, car, and personal loans.

    Benefits  Details
    Dearness Allowance (DA) 26% of the Basic Pay
    City Compensatory Allowance (CCA) 3 to 4 % of the Basic Pay.
    Leased House Accommodation/House Rent Allowance (HRA) Varies based on the job
    Travel Allowance (TA) Travel for work purposes that include the fare of AC 2-tier is reimbursed
    Medical Insurance SBI provides 75% insurance for families and 100% for employees.
    Petrol Rs. 1100 – Rs. 1250
    Loan Benefits Employees get a discount/ low interest rates on loans.
    Furniture Allowance Rs. 1, 20,000 
    Newspaper Allowance, Entertainment Allowance, Books Allowance, etc. Varies based on the cadre

    SBI PO Career Growth

    SBI PO is believed to be one of the prestigious jobs in the banking sector. It has a very strong work ethic and culture which encourages and devotes employees to look for ways to grow professionally, by guiding and providing them with numerous opportunities.

    The annual exams conducted by SBI, have a defined structure for the employee’s growth as well as promotion. The SBI POs have faster promotions when compared to the POs of other banks. Further, the annual appraisal is very fair and transparent when it comes to SBI. Devoted employees can reach the top in short durations because of vacancies. Employees also get the chance to work abroad.

    SBI PO Responsibilities and duties 

    The significant duties and responsibilities of SBI PO areas listed under-

    • Providing customer service 

    The most important duty of SBI PO is to provide service to the customers. They help customers in numerous jobs including opening new accounts, receipts, and ATM cards.

    • Bringing new business

    SBI PO must promote new products of the bank like credit cards or mutual funds.

    • Clerical activities

    These clerical activities include handling cash-in cases of crowds as well as vacancies of cashiers. If the bank has an ATM, PO needs to keep in check its activities.

    • Payment clearances

    In the case of any discrepancies associated with the customer’s account, it is the officer’s responsibility to clear the payment.

    • Maintaining records

    SBI PO must generate all reports of all the withdrawals.

    • Maintenance of official communication also comes as a duty that is assigned to SBI PO

    The SBI PO must ensure that there is a well-maintained official interaction among its clients and other departments. 


    The above-mentioned points state all the job roles and responsibilities that are assigned to all candidates who get selected. All the aspirants need to have this knowledge for getting an upper hand as compared to others.

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