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Protemos | Best Translation Business Management System for Agencies

Protemos is designed for the management of the translation business. No doubt, it is perfect for translation business management system for agencies. Before its development, the system developers studied market solutions and decide to create a highly functional and super simple system that requires no special knowledge and training and will serve translation companies as well as freelance translators. After testing it in a real environment, now it is available to serve everybody. They are developing software for the translation industry since 2011, so they have enough experience to provide you supreme quality software with excellent performance. No doubt they made the system as much convenient for you as they can. 

Furthermore, the translation management system will compare different translation files, categorize their mistakes and also calculate the overall quality score. In addition to this, their system also facilitates the discussion between proofreader and translator. Moreover, it generates quality trends and error statistics for each translator. No doubt, a translation business management system software will manage your translators, clients, invoices, prices, business reports, payments, etc. in one place without showing any type of error. You will find it effective and flawless in managing files and in assigning tasks to the translators.

Globally Famous

We can’t deny the fact that their system is famous worldwide. Their translation business management system for agencies and freelancers is available globally. That’s why their growth rate is increasing day by day. They fully support their new clients and help them in learning the functions of the software and also provide instruction to work with their system. All instructions are in simple language which is easy to understand.

Some Fundamental Features that are Appreciable

Indeed, due to the exceptional features of the translation business management system translation workflow is now easy to handle and manage. No doubt, these extraordinary features deserve appreciation. Let’s have a quick look at these fantastic features of this translation business management system for freelancers and agencies.

Maintaining Projects and Clients

  • All clients will be in one database
  • It will maintain all information of the clients in one place
  • Moreover, set prices for each and every client.
  • Maintain history and payment details for each client
  • Addition of the projects
  • You will find all information regarding projects in one place
  • It is helpful to view the whole project history
  • You can also manage the deadlines of all the projects

Database of Vendors

  • All vendors can create their accounts and log in to their accounts at the time of need without any difficulty.
  • Furthermore, all vendors can rate and contact without facing any problems during the process.
  • Indeed, the translation business management system for agencies is highly beneficial.

Job Creation

  • No doubt, job creation for other people is also possible.
  • You can easily assign jobs to other people through this system.
  • There is a possibility of getting benefits from the automatic email notification.
  • You can control and manage the deadline of all jobs.
  • Payment status and Job cost management can also be done through this system easily.


  • All invoices and payments are also managed through this system.
  • It is helpful in quick invoice generation.
  • Moreover, vendors can also generate invoices.
  • You can track your payment status as well.
  • With the help of this system, payment management can be done without any kind of mistake.


  • You can also generate reports of profits and income with the help of this system without any error.
  • Easy management of dynamics per client, project managers, and much more is possible.
  • Another significant benefit is the flexibility in the settings of reports.
  • No doubt, the system decreases the level of error in report creation.

Flexible Settings

  • You can set any unit of volume (pages, words, hours, and much more).
  • There is a possibility of setting various language pairs and services.
  • Access to the right settings is also possible for you.

Multiple Currencies

  • Furthermore, you can do accounting in any currency.
  • You can receive automatic exchange rate updates without any issue.
  • People can get benefit from the automatic currency conversion facility

Email Notification

  • If you need to notify your vendors about payments and jobs, you can do it by sending email notifications through this translation business management system for agencies.
  • There is a possibility of sending POs to vendors and invoices to your clients easily.
  • Moreover, you can set these email notification settings according to your requirements.

Import and Export

  • You can import tables to .xlsx without any effort and error.
  • In addition to this, importing clients from xlsx is also possible.
  • It can support PDF format for payments and invoices.

We just discuss some of the outstanding and exceptional features of this fantastic system. Indeed, the translation business management system software is perfect for agencies and other freelance translators. No doubt, people can do their work with more convenience and ease with less possibility of error. 


Indeed, they are experts in the development of software. Their translation business management system for agencies and freelance translators is of premium quality and handles various tasks with a high rate of perfection. In addition to this, it can bring each and everything to one place. No doubt, the system is helpful to streamline all tasks and projects. You can manage projects, clients, invoices, payments, and much more through this amazing software. There are several benefits of using this fantastic system, including financial management, job creation, sending an email notification, report generation, currency conversion, and much more are there in the list. Due to all these qualities, people and translation agencies from all around the world are using it to do their translation tasks.

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