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Particulate control with Part.X PV – Venturi scrubber

Separation Process Concept

The term Separation process is used to turn a solution or mixture of chemical matter into two or more different product mixtures. In this process, at least one product mixture of the separation is embellished with one or more of the source mixture’s components. The physical or chemical properties are distinguished between the mixture’s constituents by the Separation process’s exploitative nature.

Separation is accomplished due to specific differences that are used to analyze processes. If no individual differences are utilized to achieve the ideal separation, numerous operations can be merged to get the needed end.

To classify the size of each fraction of a mixture as attributable to each element without trying to harvest the fractions, the purpose of separation can be analytical. On the other hand, if fractions have to be prepared for input into processes that give advantages when elements are separated, the purpose of separation can be preparative.

For analytical reasons, separations are conducted in a laboratory on a small scale, and for analytical reasons, they are conducted in a chemical plant on a large scale.

Part.X PV – Venturi scrubber

Previously known as TurboVenturi, Dürr Megtec’s Part.X PV Air Pollution Control System ensures high-efficiency particulate disposal.

Operating principle Part.X PV

For particulate control, the Part.X PV venturi scrubber is used, and it is based on the principle where particles collide and become entrapped in liquid droplets. The minimal the dust particles, the minimal the liquid droplets needed for removal. The direct relationship between pressure drop and gas velocity in the venturi throat is analyzed to ascertain the relative size of the particles to be removed.The smaller particles behave like larger particles when the venturi transmit momentum on the particles to be taken outthrough acceleration in the throat.

Part.X PV benefits

  1. Controls heavy dust loading and abrasive, sticky and difficult particulate, high temperature
  2. High-efficiency performance and less maintenance
  3. No liquid droplet carried over due to de-watering capabilities

How it works

In the venture, the gas released from the process enters vertically downward, and through peripheral inlets located at the top of the venturi, the scrubbing liquid is introduced. It thenwhirls down the converging section of the throat by blanketing the walls and safeguards the venturi from high temperatures by discarding particulate buildup.

The particulate for separation from the gas in the cyclonic separator is entrapped by the high-velocity gas steam present in the venturi throat, caused by converging of the liquid increased in thickness due to falling film of swirling liquid.

Erosion of the metal surfaces is minimized due to the absorption of the impact of particulate existing in the high-velocity gas steam by the liquid reservoir held by a flooded elbow situated between the separator and the venturi.

The liquid and particulate are set apart from the gas stream via a cyclonic separator, and through the bottom cone to the recycle pump(s), the liquid drains and flows back to the venturi. After this process, from the top of the separator, the treated gas is released.

Application areas Part.X PV

The level of particulate removal needed can be obtained by exerting the correct pressure drop done by each Part.X PV venturi scrubber made by Dürr Air Pollution Control Systems in India.They are designed to process high particulate concentrations and control high inlet temperatures. To attain maximum energy savings and the essential removal efficiency, the scrubber can be created as a pre-scrubber with less pressure drop, foregoing a wet electrostatic precipitator in areas where extremely low particulate concentrations are wanted.

For catching SO2 and HCl from the gas stream, along with particulate, Part.X PV is built. It is generally a particulate removal technology used in various areas to treat difficult emissions and wavering gas flows, thus controlling air pollution.

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