Online Marketing for Daycares: What You Need to Know


    Let’s start by blowing your mind:

    Did you know that almost 20 percent of all local searches turn to an actual sale within one day?

    That’s just a glimpse into what online marketing can do for daycares considering that they are, in fact, local businesses that target a very specific market.

    Daycares need marketing just as much as other businesses do, they need inquiries that turn into site visits that turn into enrolments and online marketing can help all daycares achieve higher enrolment rates.

    Keep reading to find out how.

    Marketing For Daycares

    Daycares are an especially difficult market to break into and stay in. Your commodity is taking care of probably the most precious possessions to humans in the world.

    Your daycare offering has to be top-notch and without fault. Your online marketing needs to tick the following boxes.

    1. Be Completely Informative

    When parents are looking for daycares, they’re all after one thing, an overload of information. Ensure that your website has all information available to them.

    Everything from opening and closing times, to meal information, and even a page on your staff and what makes them qualified. Talk about where you’re located, what makes your daycare unique, and especially your daycare’s mission and vision.

    2. Use Facebook To Build a Community

    Facebook is the perfect place for you to build an online community of everybody already associated with your daycare. Current parents, new parents, and old parents should be encouraged to share their experiences and post reviews.

    Make sure that your child care marketing tactics and images that you post on your Facebook page are synonymous with the image and personality of the brand of your daycare.

    3. Local SEO

    Because daycares are a geographically focused business, you should be looking into local SEO (search engine optimization) and what it can do for your website’s search engine rankings.

    Through keyword research and locally focused search phrases, you can tap into a market that is actively looking for your daycare and the services that you provide. Give them relevant information and well-written, informative content that leaves them with virtually no questions and only the desire to make an appointment.

    4. Prioritize Contact Information

    Some parents, even in 2021, don’t want to spend hours trawling the internet. Some will want to find an email address or a phone number and make direct contact immediately with all their questions.

    Ensure that your contact information is very visible on all your platforms and over and above that, make sure that your phone is answered. You don’t want your online marketing to be working for you and you don’t answer the call.

    Daycares: Making Online Work For You

    Online marketing for daycares is pretty similar to other businesses, if you follow the usual guidelines for digital marketing such as SEO best practices and social media content planning, then you should be on your way to success.

    Make sure that you have measurement protocols in place so that you can work out what’s working for you and what needs to be changed.

    SEO is paramount to the success of your online marketing, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.