Most Popular Android Apps in the Google Play Store


    Mobile apps are extremely popular especially if they are useful and have no bugs. Smartphones on Android can use Play Market to download and exploit all the advantages of apps at any time of the day. Most applications are free (with some ads). Some kinds of software are brilliantly made and some need to be deleted. Let’s talk about the most popular software products in Google Play Store.

    Which apps have the highest download counter?

    You may be surprised by the list:

    • This application is a messenger which is very popular in most countries. The main advantage is the function to call everyone for free – you just need the internet connection. More than 6 billion downloads (almost everyone on the Earth population at least tried it).
    • This is your average software and it is extremely popular because of Facebook social media. Fun fact: it is not so popular in the USA because of the WhatsApp client.
    • Another extremely well-known social media and it has its software product. It has nearly 3 billion downloads.
    • Subway Surfers. There are tons of games on the Play Store but this one is still popular even though it has been released a long time ago. And this is an action game for kids.
    • Another fun fact – this app has not been developed by Google. Still, it is a very useful piece of software, which allows smartphone users to share files wirelessly.
    • Microsoft Excel. Yes, you can have one of the most popular Microsoft programs on the phone. At last, this huge corporation is starting to get to the app market.
    • Microsoft PowerPoint. Another useful Microsoft product will help you to make a presentation.
    • Microsoft Word. The most popular text editor in the world made it to the mobile market. More than 1.2 billion downloads and this is only the beginning.
    • This is another social media product that has an Android and iOS version.
    • Although WhatsApp and Viber have the same feature (calling), this software veteran is still relevant.
    • Candy Crush Saga. The king of mobile games is extremely popular among gamers of all ages. Do not try it because you will surely become addicted.
    • A cloud storage service has a mobile version. You can store files, document and share them with everyone.
    • A messenger that is popular in CIS countries. Call and message anyone who is in your contacts.
    • Viber is popular in CIS and European countries but Line is extremely popular in Asia.
    • This messenger will soon be the most popular among everyone who likes privacy. You can call, create groups and send messages with stickers.

    If you are a developer, you can promote your apps with cheap Android installs. Consider this and make your software product recognizable by the users – this will also help to raise real downloads.


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