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Most Commonly Used Surgical Supplies


In one year, there were over 7 million inpatient surgeries and almost 10 million ambulatory surgeries. Surgeons are busy trying to save peoples’ lives and improve patients’ health.

But the basics of surgery boil down to more than the surgeon’s skill — they include the tools they use. This is why all hospitals and other medical offices should have specific surgical supplies in stock at all times.

Do you know the most common surgical supplies? They all serve a unique purpose to help the patient and medical staff. Here are the most commonly used surgical supplies and why they’re used.


First, let’s cover one of the most essential accessories — clamps. These attach to the operating table and allow physicians to access other tools on the side of the table.

There are two types of clamps: flat-blade and round-post. Flat-blade clamps attach anywhere on a surgical table while round-post clamps only need to be used on tables that allow a round post attachment.

If you’re unsure of what you need, contact a website such as kmsmedsurg.com.


The surgical table is more important than you think. There are a variety of surgical tables and types for all areas of practice, like general, neurological, orthopedic, and more. There are even attachments available for arm and leg surgery.

Patient Transfer Devices

Transfer devices make it easy to transport patients throughout your facility. These devices have wheels to make transportation simple and less stressful for your staff and the patient. Stretchers are the most common example of patient transfer devices.

Equipment Covers

While surgery is often necessary, dealing with blood and other fluids can increase the risk of infection contamination. There are sterile plastic covers that can fit on just about all types of equipment. These are often bought to cover the furniture, tools, accessories, and more.


Disposables are pieces of equipment that can’t be reused again. These include sutures, face masks, surgical dressings, tissue adhesives, wound care supplies, and gloves. These not only safeguard the patient but also the staff.

Always keep a well-stocked inventory with these supplies.

Exam Lights

Surgical exam lights hang overhead and are directly above the patient. This helps the surgeon and their team enhance their visibility to accurately perform the operation. The average operating room uses LED lighting for less heat and better lighting.

Endoscopic Cameras

More surgical procedures are becoming less invasive, and that’s thanks to the endoscope. The endoscope is a long and flexible tube that has a camera and light on one end. As the surgeon is working, video footage taken from the inside of your body appears on a screen.

Using an endoscope enhances the surgeon’s visibility of your body and prevents making large incisions, increasing recovery time. That’s why the endoscopic camera market is expecting to grow.

These Surgical Supplies Are Necessary at Your Facility

There are a variety of surgical supplies that help the surgeon perform their job and ensure safety for the patient and staff. Make sure you always stock your operating room with these supplies.

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