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LASIT: a laser marking machines’ manufacturer


LASIT is a manufacturer of laser marking machines.  A big part of LASIT’s business is in producing laser marking machines. In 1992, LASIT found the first Laser Marking machine in Italy. Since that time, the company has developed and manufactured more than 50 machines. Nowadays,   LASIT owns a total of more than 200 laser marking machines from which more than 30 are operational today in different countries around the world.


The following are some typical results achieved by LASIT’s laser marking machines:

Since 2012, the company has also started focusing on a new kind of manufacturing process called “Aerospace Quality”. This new production process uses an automated mechanism to produce such components as brake cylinders and engine assemblies using no physical equipment as well as using only a very small amount of non-ferrous materials. The company claims that this manufacturing technology will enable them to produce high-quality components without any further restrictions against radiation or other hazardous materials even at very high test speeds (even higher than 10 m/s). These objectives are supported by the fact that, for now, the goal for which all these parts were developed were aimed at being used for military purposes only.


In November 2013, the company announced that the first batch of 10 laser marking machines was ready for production. The manufacturer started to produce 100 laser marking machines a month (7% monthly growth). In order to achieve this goal, the company worked on a new machine architecture as well as stable production-based financial models. Four of these laser marking machines are scheduled for construction in Budapest in 2014, while others will be designed and built at LASIT’s factory in New Jersey.


In June 2014, the Los Angeles Assembly Plant announced its next contract: 14 laser marking machine designations awarded to 12 companies with 10 machines each. The contract is one of several awarded by LASIT over three years. The company plans on using its contractual rates to pay subcontractors a premium rate for manufacturing work performed locally by contractors who are located in other states or countries rather than Europe or South America. This also means that parts produced in home-grown factories will be less expensive than they would be elsewhere because they use only products from their state and not from outside countries. The decision was made after reviewing requirements and cost needs before construction started compared to the natural cycle used for assembly plants in Europe which place repetitive work on them within very short timeframes and often lack day-to-day processes that would make them profitable operations.


On April 19, 2015 it was announced that LASIT has secured its first contract for sales of 3D printing services out of closed auction (OTC marketing machines. The machine architecture will include ten laser marking machines, each with a capacity of 100 tons. Each machine will have a crew of six workers and an administrative board of five people.


All the machines are capitalized for a cash flow of $3 million in early 2018, as well as an option to purchase equipment from the company for an additional $1 million in 2018. The company also expects to gain from this contract after the production and assembly of these first two machines.


The company has successfully obtained a license from the U.S. Department of Defense and is currently using the laser marking machine capacity for target acquisition and airborne doctrines development, as well as other military systems test applications (e.g., radar seeker guidance). A major aspect that distinguishes this type of machine is that it is optimized for continuous production, operations over manufacturing lines, and depots that do not require extensive maintenance processes such as stopping production at specific phases of work or special reasons due to technical issues (e.g., fueling problems). It is expected that more than 100 laser marking machines will soon be built in this plant with its factory in Bakersfield California by the end date 2024 .

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