Key Trends You Should Know About Influencer Marketing In 2022

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Today one of the most rising social media marketing trends on the internet is influencer marketing. Since the advent of pandemic and even before that, digital platforms have seen booms in their functioning. Influencer marketing also became a strategy to generate traffic and customers for brands. Influencers with thousands and millions of followers or subscribers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc., are approached by famous brands to promote their products. In this way, the brand gets traffic and revenue boom, while the influencers build their portfolio and generate income as well. In 2021 alone, the influencer marketing industry was $13 billion in overall revenue. It is expected to reach $84.89 billion by 2028. Following are a few key trends you should know about influencer marketing in 2022:

Choosing Selected Content Creators with Multiple Platforms

This trend involves influencer marketing through content creators who appear on multiple platforms and have a huge fan base across all platforms. These influencers include YouTubers, bloggers, Vloggers, travelers, artists, etc. 

Movement from Images and Texts to Video and Audio Content

Since the 5G is spreading rapidly, the internet has become accessible to many countries. Now influencers can communicate not only through images but also through audio or videos in the form of podcasts, reels, IGTV, and other options. As a result, influencer marketing is becoming common here as well.

Live Shopping as Part of Influencers Campaigns

Social media influencers and entrepreneurs promote their products and operate online businesses on social media platforms. They engage the audience through advertisements, audio, and video content. Live shopping has increased drastically in the past few years, and in the coming years, it is expected to generate about $500 billion.

Inclusivity and Diverse Representation in Influencer Marketing

Now influencers belonging to different ethnicities, races, gender, and background can have access to the benefits of social media marketing. Brands and companies of respective areas reach these individuals, and they have become self-employed while doing something they love through social media.

Nano and Micro-Influencers Coming into Limelight and Creating Impact

In the social media universe, every influencer, whether they are micro or big, can create an impact. Nano and micro-influencers have witnessed an increasing engagement rate in 2021. These influencers are deeply connected with their audience, and growing brands reach them to generate revenues.

Permanent Partnership with Brands Instead of One-Off Projects

As the followership of influencers is increasing day by day, brands are signing permanent contracts with Macro influencers rather than one-off projects. Long-term projects are a great way to increase audience and revenue generation. By the end of 2022, many brands will have long-term influencers for sponsored posts.

Increase in Performance-Based Deals 

In 2022, performance-based deals are increasing as clients expect influencers to make a certain number of sales and deliver their promises. This leads to long-term partnerships. Most clients approach influencers based on their performance.

Influencer marketing is the leading strategy in the digital world today to gain an audience, increase sales and generate revenues. In 2022, there are many trends in place, and more are expected in the future that will work in favor of both the social media influencers and brands.


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