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How to manage your workforce efficiently – Michael Osland

Employees are the backbone of any organization because their work will make or break the business. So treating your employees well ensures they give you their best, and therefore means your company prospers. But how can you be sure to treat them right? Here are a few pointers about managing your workforce efficiently.

Treat all different kinds of people equally

All employees have different personalities, backgrounds, and demands. Some might not like being pushed around but may respond better to encouragement; others may need constant praise for even small progress made, while another employee may not require any recognition at all because they are so naturally self-motivated. Another difference between staff members is the number of hours they work – some may prefer full-time hours, others may be happy with a reduced or part-time work schedule.

All these factors must be taken into consideration when managing your workers. It is essential to treat all staff equally and show no discriminative behavior because it could lead to a poor working environment and disgruntled employees who would instead look elsewhere for work.

Be consistent in your management style

Staying consistent in the way you manage the workforce will help ensure that all employees grow accustomed to how you like things done around the workplace, making their tasks easier as they don’t have to keep adapting to new ways of doing something each day. However, this does not mean that one management method should be used across the board – if one employee needs pushing through encouragement, then it’s crucial to distinguish that from managing another employee who needs praise.

Set employees clear goals with realistic time frames

Workers work best when the tasks they are set are achievable and relevant to their job role. Being assigned unrealistic or pointless tasks will make an employee feel demotivated and uncared about, leading them to want to look for new jobs elsewhere where they feel their skills will be appreciated more says Michael Osland.

Thus, setting clear goals with realistic time frames is vital for the efficient management of your workforce. Setting overly ambitious targets without good resources may mean that your employees fail at what they have been tasked with doing, which makes them lose faith in themselves and you as a manager.

Offer employees support when they need it

All employees will have good and bad days, so being able to stand by your workforce when they are in a funk is helpful for their morale. If you can help them through this low point in their life, they will feel confident enough to take on the world again. This means that offering an employee support when they need it most will ensure that both of you achieve your goals for the company because there is a far greater chance that the one who has been offered emotional aid will perform better at work due to a newfound sense of vigor.

Get to know each employee personally says Michael Osland

It’s essential to get to know every staff member’s name and what makes them tick as a person. This ensures that you can adapt your management style to each staff member, and therefore get the best out of everyone working for you.

Everyone has different interests, so if you can learn what these are and offer support when needed, it will be easier for them to work harder and better because they feel like they have a connection to their employers and know that whatever happens outside of the workplace will be taken care of.

Reward employees who go beyond expectations

Employees thrive on both verbal and visual motivation, which is why it is vital for managers need to reward those who perform well above what is expected of them.

Rewarding workers who do an exceptional job with more responsibility or even financial bonuses ensure that other employees are encouraged by it.

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