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4 Steps to Deliver Compliance Training for Busy Employees


Online Compliance training from providers like True Office Learning has become a need in every establishment. Not only does it help identify unethical behaviors, but it allows the management to mitigate the risks of a bad reputation. Below are some of the steps you take to use to deliver the training to your employees

Perform a Training Needs Assessment

Start by analyzing your current productivity problems in your business. Identify any areas that need a training-based solution. Since this is the case of compliance, one of the problems could be gross misconduct among employees or the management. As you carry out your analysis and assessment, you need to; Have a goal that will be achieved with the True Office Learning compliance training and determine the actions that will help achieve this goal. Also, determine how the employees are going to be trained to execute these actions and identify the characteristics of your employees that will be used to create the ideal training.

Develop Learning Objectives

What are your learning objectives? Learning objectives are the activities you expect your employee to carry out after their training. In the case of compliance training, the list could include things like reporting unethical behaviors, maintaining your organizational culture, and protecting the company’s reputation. After you’ve identified your learning objectives, you need to develop the right content for your training. Blend the content with quizzes and evaluations to assess the employee’s understanding of the training and test its effectiveness.

Create the Training Materials

Once you develop the content for the training, you need to decide on the tools to deliver the training content. Fortunately, with technology, there are new ways you can use to deliver content to your employees, for instance, virtual training. If using methods like virtual training, you can and should consider blending different training toolsfor increased effectiveness. Some of the tools to consider including in your training method are gamification and graphics to make the training engaging. Plain text content would easily bore the employees. Some e-learning tools can work effectively, such as Adobe; this will help you develop computer based-e-learning modules. Keep in mind your learning objectives as you decide on the tools to use.

Implement the Training

Once you have assessed your needs, determined your learning objectives, and developed your learning material, it’s time to put everything into action. This is the most important step in delivering compliance training. To start with, you need to inform your employee of the training well in advance so they can prepare and place their schedules. Also, consider delivering your training through software such as LMS. With LMS, it’s easy for employees to access the course and quizzes from any device. Also, the software will help you monitor the progress of the training. The software does all the tedious work for you. All you need to do is find the right software provider for your compliance training.

For compliance training to be effective, it has to be delivered in the best way possible. Be sure to assess the goals to be met by the compliance training and include your learning object. Also, develop your learning materials by blending traditional and technological tools. Lastly, as you implement the training, make use of software for effective delivery.

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