How to Increase User Engagement with Animation

In the realm of digital marketing, you have likely seen the term “user engagement” frequently. You must also be aware of its crucial function in determining the course of your sales funnel as a whole.

And if you’ve done sufficient research, explain how employing video animation is a contemporary strategy for boosting it.

As well all know, it’s the form of content that receives more engagement; still, the competition in this particular industry is quite high. Due to its efficacy in generating leads and conversions, it is widely utilized by modern-day firms.

If you’re committed to using video animations for marketing your brand/service/product, or if you’re not happy with your existing results, then friends, this piece will be of great assistance.

Today in this piece, we will explore the meaning of engagement, its significance, how you can increase it, as well as some recommendations for taking it to the top level.

So, fasten your seat belts because this is going to be a bumpy ride.

The Definition of User-Engagement

There is no universal definition of user engagement, as its definition and quantifying metrics may differ from company to company. However, if we confine our definition to digital marketing, it relates to “the perceived worth of your product or service among consumers.”

Depending on the nature of your industry, you can estimate engagement by simply estimating the total number of downloads, shares, hits, and conversions generated by your website or video content.

In general, if your company generates substantial profits and leads, this shows a high degree of user engagement and the perception that your services or products are useful.

The Significance of User-Engagement

Customer participation demonstrates the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. According to data conducted by Gallop, firms with larger levels of user engagement have a 23% better chance of converting leads and retaining them over time.

Additionally, as it builds an emotional connection between the client and the business, you obtain vital insights on how to enhance your services through the customers’ open feedback.

Consequently, the greater the interaction and engagement, the higher the likelihood of acquiring a competitive edge.

Bear in mind that the quality of your product or service is irrelevant if you cannot persuade others to acquire and utilize it. For this reason, user involvement is not just crucial but indispensable to the success of a firm.

How Can Animation Help in This Case?


Video animation is now the most popular and effective video marketing technique. It is interesting, concise, and, if implemented well, may do wonders for boosting user engagement. Not convinced? The preceding points can help you understand better:

It is simple to comprehend and fun to watch

The average attention span of humans has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since the early 2000s, which is lower than that of a goldfish. Yes, a goldfish!

To tackle this issue, animations allow you to present your company’s narrative as an entertaining story.

This encourages the listener to enjoy the topic till its completion. This, in turn, creates a better grasp of your product or service and the company’s core principles. The result? More conversions.

Animation provides a better knowledge of your services and products and helps to persuade clients of your unique selling proposition as a result of its adaptability and ability to simplify complex topics into simple stories.

Provides tailored experience

Unlike live-action videos, animated videos can be modified with relative ease. You are permitted to make modifications if the firm decides to amend its rules, services or offer new goods.

Additionally, you can modify them to provide a more tailored experience for a certain audience.


When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, companies tend to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. Animation video is the one asset that can save you a lot.

As we have discussed above, you can alter it according to your target audience and platform. This means every time you want to run a campaign, you don’t have to create one from scratch. A few modifications, and it will be good to go.

Generally, a simple 2D animated explainer video can cost you around $2500 to $10,000. However, the price can vary depending on the length and style of the video you choose.

It establishes an emotional bond

What’s more important to a business’s success than client acquisition? The answer is customer retention. And this is only possible if your audience connects with your brand on an emotional level.

Animated videos can help you in this situation. You can create narratives that is not only information but relatable.


Where to Showcase Your Video Animation to Maximize User Engagement?

Okay, after you have produced a fine-looking vibrant animated video, what’s next? After production, next comes the most crucial step showcasing it in front of your target audience.

Unfortunately, many fail in this instance due to the lack of industry knowledge or inappropriate marketing strategies.

To avoid such mistakes, there are a few established platforms where you can easily showcase your animated videos to boost engagements and bring in more conversions:


As per the research conducted by, approximately 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day, that’s massive!

Considering this, this platform bestows you with the great opportunity to showcase your animation video and win the hearts of people.

Homepage of website

Most brands prefer using images to display their products/services on their website’s homepage. But, you should know that with this strategy, you aren’t going anywhere.

Why so? Because when a product or service is presented in the conventional style, people lose interest in them. This is one of the core reasons why brands have high bounce rates.

To get out of this trouble, you can use your animated video on the homepage of your website’s landing page. This will boost engagement and comprehension, ultimately resulting in high conversion rates.

Social media pages

It’s surprising to know that around 4 Billion videos are watched on Facebook alone. And why not, this platform has 2.6 billion active users. Now you know where all the traffic is going.

These stats indicate uploading animated videos on social media can help in increasing engagement and conversion rates.


Remember earlier we discussed how animation helps in providing a personalized experience to the audience?

You can take the fullest advantage of this strategy by including a short, catchy, and vibrant animated video that addresses the pain points of the audience and provides solutions accordingly.

Doing so will leave an embarking impression on your potential customers.


Of course, without a second thought, animation videos are perfect to use for advertising campaigns if correctly implemented. Animated advertisements can do wonders for your brand. They have the potential to directly send prospects who’re interested in learning more about your offerings.

All Things Considered


Animated content is already the standard in video marketing, and its significance appears to be growing due to the dramatic shift in consumer preference from reading to seeing.

Due to its convincing style and capacity to combine several elements into a single, clear visual experience, it is continuously replacing conventional copywriting for decisive brand and product representation and increasing profitability.

Moreover, if you’re in search of an animation agency to outsource your video project, then we suggest you consider BuzzFlick. They are a well-established animation outsourcing company that produces animated videos for the corporate sector.

Whether you want a simple animated video for your emails or a fancy product demo for your website, they can make it all. Check out their website to learn more about them.

Last but not the least, if you found this article helpful in enhancing your understanding of the significance of animation and how it influences user engagement, please share your opinions in the box below. We would love to learn about the new marketing strategies you intend to use. Cheers!