How to Build a Computer

During World War 2, scientists built the ENIAC, the world’s first computer as we know it. The ENIAC was the first programmable general-purpose electronic digital computer.

The size of the ENIAC was so large that it took up an entire basement. This basement was said to be 50 feet by 30 feet (15-by-9-metres). It’s incredible how far technology has come since the ENIAC’s birth.

Modern time has not only made computers easily accessible, but you can now build a computer of your own. Keep reading for a building a computer checklist for you to follow.

Power Supply

The power supply unit (PSU) is a crucial choice to make when building a computer. Of course, you can purchase the highest quality products for your build. But, without a source of power, they won’t work.

The PSU is a box that supplies and maintains the electricity through your computer. When deciding how much power you want, you should always aim to have slightly more than you need.

The faster you make the computer’s speed, the more power you will need to maintain that speed. PSUs can come in a range of Watts. A couple of examples are a 750 watt and a 1000 watt PSU.


When building a computer from scratch, you will want to look into the best casings for your build. The casing is the metal container in which all the components will be placed.

The casing can come in a range of styles. So, naturally, you will want to pick one which looks great. But, you will also want to buy one which can fit your components correctly.

Do your research. Your motherboard may not be able to fit into every casing. You won’t want to pay out money for a casing that you can’t fit all your components.


Having the perfect motherboard is another critical aspect of building a computer. The motherboard is the part that links the different components together.

Motherboards can come in different sizes and configurations. Covering all the variations would be an article of its own. But, they all follow the same primary function.

When you are looking into what motherboard to buy, keep the processor in mind. Different motherboards will target different processors.


The processor (CPU) is the part that controls the rest of the computer. Once you plug it straight into the motherboard, it gets to work. Therefore, it has to be the most crucial component of the entire computer.

The CPU is the part that takes all the information sent from the remaining computer and processes it. One example of a processor is Intel. As mentioned above, make sure you look into the correct motherboard/processer combination.

Graphics Card

When you build your computer, you will want to get a great graphics pressing unit (GPU). If you are building it to play games, you will want a high-end graphics card to make your games look amazing.

The graphics card optimizes all visual-related aspects. So the graphics card isn’t just for gaming. It can also be a great way to improve the ability you edit videos and photos.

Different graphics cards will focus on various aspects of visual imaging. You may find that one card is excellent for gaming but not so much for your editing software.


Building a computer with a high storage system can be beneficial. Many of us will have reached a point with our computers where we run out of storage. This leads us to delete a lot of data to make space for new ones.

Gone are the days of Megabytes. Now, you can buy Storage cards up to and over, 1 Terabyte in size. You can purchase built-in storage, or if at a later date you find you need more, look into external hard drives.


Beginning your research, you may find similarities between Memory and Storage. They may be similar, but they are also extremely different.

Storage is where you collect all of the data you wish to retrieve at a later date. But, Memory is where you store data that you will want to recover in the short term (i.e., copy and paste).

Think of it as a brain. For example, let’s say you are at a restaurant and decide what you want to eat, you will remember it when the waiter takes your order. However, what did you order when you went to a restaurant three years ago.

There will be a small amount of us who can recall. But, if you wrote down your order and put it in storage, you could retrieve that paper at a later date.

Fun Ways to Build a Computer

Every computer will be built from the same essential components. Such companies as Raspberry PI have even put all these parts into a hand-sized computer. However, it’s not just this one company either, there is a range of Raspberry Pi alternative products.

The range of personalization you can implement into your computer build is endless. You will be amazed at the different PC case mods out there. As long as you use this list, you can get imaginative.

Tick Off Your Checklist

As long as you purchase one of each part we have mentioned, you will be able to build a computer of your own in no time. Now you have to undergo the hard part of deciding which products you wish to use.

Research and gather all the perfect components for your desired computer. You can now build your brand new computer from scratch.

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