How to Add Reviews to Your Shopify Store to Start Earning Trust


Getting people to buy your awesome product is what ecommerce marketing is all about. Having a relatable brand voice and a cool brand look helps, but to really convince customers, you need unbiased third-party reviews. That’s why customer reviews are crucial. They provide genuine user content to boost your marketing efforts, helping increase sales, improve conversion rates, and even show up well on Google. For Shopify users, the big question is: how do you add reviews? We’ll answer that and give you some good options to get those important star ratings on your product pages and more.

Why you should put customer reviews on your Shopify store:

Out of all the things you do to sell stuff online, having your customers say good things about your brand is probably the most important.

Customer reviews are like honest opinions from people who’ve actually tried your product.

Regular ads can be a bit fake because, well, marketers are just doing their job saying how amazing their stuff is.

Now, customer reviews are awesome for a few reasons:

  1. They make customers trust you more since they hear the real deal from other regular folks.
  2. More people buy your stuff because the reviews convince those unsure if your product is as good as it sounds.
  3. Google notices and likes your site more, boosting your chances of showing up when people search.

If you want to dig into why reviews are so cool, check out our guide with lots of examples.

Now, onto the main thing: how to add reviews to your Shopify shop.

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Finding a good Shopify reviews app:

When you search “reviews” on the Shopify App Store, you get almost 900 options. Yeah, 900!

So, picking a way to collect and show off your customer reviews starts feeling trickier.

No worries, though, we’ve got your back.

First, figure out if you want a fancy paid app or if a simple free one will do. If free sounds good to you, just go with the Shopify Reviews app.

If you want something with more features, check out our guide on the best review apps for Shopify. It saves you from going through 900 apps to find the right one.

Whether you go for the free choice or decide on a premium option, you can easily start getting customer reviews and adding them to your store to gain the trust of new customers.