Having the successful use of UC Mini

    Having the successful use of UC Mini

    1.What is UC Mini all about?

    The browser of uc miniis a lighter version of the popular UC web browser for the Android models that have been developed by the Alibaba Group. Holding the feat of the fourth popular mobile browser amongst the others in the same category, it also supports the other non-Android platforms of Windows, Blackberry, iOS,and others. This particular version is the light version of the otherwise major UC Browser that not only occupied a lot of storage space but also created a number of issues in the mobile phones having low specs.

    2.What are the features of the browser?

    The following are the most popular features of uc mini that have made it quite popular amongst the users: –

    • Takes up hardly 20 Mb of storage space and is highly compatible with all of the mobile devices, especially the ones with the lower specifications that often malfunction in the case of UC Browser
    • Has only the required necessary features that aid in enhanced performance of the phone and does not contain an excessive amount of bloatware like the UC Browser
    • Has a dynamic download interface that can help in easy downloads despite poor internet connectivity and can also keep a good track of the different progress in case of multiple downloads
    • Maintains a sleek UI that makes the overall browser easy to use and navigate

    Thus, all of the features mentioned above aid in making the browser more convenient for the users.

    3.What are the major options in UC Mini browser?

    The following are the major options available in uc mini for the different users: –

    • Smart downloading to automatically initiate downloads in case of any document accessing
    • Incognito mode to prevent the user activities from being detected by the server
    • Data Saving to prevent the usage of excessive data for different background purposes
    • Night Mode to aid further the users by adjusting the brightness for comfortable reading
    • Ad blocker to prevent excessive ads from interrupting the users
    • Other page adjustment features to adjust the page as per the screen size

    4.What are the steps for installation?

    The following are the basic steps for the installation of uc mini in mobile devices: –

    • Go to the app store of the respective mobile platforms.
    • Search for UC Mini in the search bar of the same.
    • Click on the download option to initiate the process of installation of the browser in the device.
    • Open the browser and customize it accordingly as per the user requirements.

    Thus the app gets installed and the user gets to enjoy the same.

    5.What are the basic system requirements of the browser?

    The following are the basic requirements that need to be satisfied prior to the browser installation: –

    • Minimum of free space of 200 Mb in the hard drive
    • Compatible to all of the versions of Android, including the lower ones also
    • All the permissions set in the settings prior to beginning with the downloading from the app store

    Thus the above pointers need to be kept in mind compulsorily.


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