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GUNMA Early Access Live on Twitch


GUNMA is a new action-RPG game for the Android and iOS platforms. This early access live game will have you playing as one of the characters in the game, using your skills to fight against monsters and protect humanity from an evil organization. As you progress, you’ll unlock new abilities and weapons that can help you take on the enemies. You can also check out our website for more information about GUNMA.

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Play as one of the characters in GUNMA


GUNMA is an action-RPG game that you play as one of the characters in the game. The game includes a variety of weapons and abilities that you can learn during your time with GUNMA. You will also be able to visit the gun shop, which sells new items and guns that can be used in your battles against enemies.

By using these new items, you’ll be able to explore the world more than ever so that you can discover more of GUNMA’s secrets.

Check out our website for more information about GUNMA.

The Gunma game is a relatively new action-RPG title that is currently in the beta phase. GUNMA will have you in battle as one of the heroes of the game, fighting against enemies and protecting humanity from an evil organization.

Gunma will have three story lines to follow during its beta phase. In the first storyline, players play through fighting off monsters and protecting humanity from an evil organization called Tengoku, led by Riku Sawai. You can also use your skills to find a sixth hero who has his own storyline within the game. The second storyline focuses on helping out a young girl named Anri Oda who has been captured by Tengoku, who wants to use her for their own purposes. Finally, there is a third storyline about what happens when Anri finally makes it out of Tengoku’s control and fights back against them.

GUNMA is still in development and may change before release. However, it should be noted that GUNMA currently focuses primarily on characters rather than combat—you’ll fight enemies using different weapons and abilities that you’ve unlocked through gameplay progression. With this beta stage, your characters will definitely evolve as you progress through the story lines—the next launch date is unknown right

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