Five Ways to Make Easy Money in 2021

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has left people without work, there are still many side hustles available that make great money.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone since the beginning, in March 2020. Millions have lost their jobs, been furloughed, and have been left without any clear path forward. Businesses in every corner of the country have shuttered, leaving many more lost and struggling to find their next move. Even those with jobs are now sitting with more idle time than ever before. The needs are many, and it has seemed like the opportunities are so few.

But, if we look outside the traditional job market, there are still incredible opportunities for everyone. The “gig economy” has grown exponentially with the Internet, and there are more opportunities available today than ever before. For those who aren’t familiar, a “gig worker” is someone that works as a part-time, independent contractor for any number of companies. If you have financial goals you’re trying to meet, want some extra money on the side, or are looking for a new career entirely, this list could have the solution for you.

Virtual Assistant

It has never been easier to be a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you can perform secretarial and administrative duties for clients without ever having to leave your own home. Scheduling, cancellations, email management, invoices, data entry. The options are plenty, the work isn’t very demanding, and the pay is significant. Working as a virtual assistant could be the perfect addition to your schedule. Assistants can set their own hours, work pretty independently, and get paid regularly.


For those that are college graduates, good in writing, math, or science, and want to help students, tutoring might be the ideal gig.

Especially with the changes of the last year, tutoring is completely remote. Tutors can work flexible hours, choose subjects to focus on, and really make a difference. It’s clear that tutors can make a real difference in a student’s confidence and scores. Depending on the locale, tutors can also be paid hefty rates for high demand. Many tutoring programs are localized and offer tutoring specific to schools in the area. One example is Tutor Portland, a company serving students, tutors, and schools.

Starting local is a great idea for tutors as well. Tutors can start with a few clients, get comfortable working with their subjects, build confidence in their teaching style, and then go national. The opportunities are limitless for online tutors in 2021, and the rates have never been better.

Amazon Seller

For those with a lot of items sitting around, and no plans for them, this opportunity is for you. As  an Amazon seller, you can turn all your items into cash. The marketplace for items is virtually limitless today, as there is demand for everything among Amazon’s 300 million active customers. Anything remotely unique or rare can be listed easily on Amazon’s website and sold to someone waiting to cherish it. Getting started is easy too, and the money can be quite lucrative.

Gig Driver

For individuals with a car and a smartphone, the opportunities are truly limitless. Thanks to the gig economy, these individuals can become drivers for several of the hottest companies today.

Individuals can participate as gig drivers in any way they like. Most famously, people can become drivers for Uber and Lyft, giving rides to people as they move across the world. Its quick to sign up, drivers can set their own hours, and the job can be extremely rewarding, meeting new people every day.

Nevertheless, if driving strangers feels outside your comfort zone, there are still many other ways to participate. For those interested in food delivery, there’s DoorDash, for groceries, Instacart, and for packages, Amazon Flex. Drivers can start making money with any of these companies, and be their own boss. The independence, the pay, and the flexibility are nearly unparalleled.

Before You Start

The delivery game is all about speed, and every minute can make a difference. The best way to get fast, and stay fast, is with a good route planner. Keep Google Maps and Waze for after work, because with dozens of stops, they will only slow you down. If you’re looking for something powerful and accessible, try Straightaway.


Freelance is one of the best ways individuals can offer their skills to the world. There are thousands of tasks that people need help with everyday: web design, drawing, writing, voice acting, video editing, life coaching, even personal styling. Freelancers get to do what they want, when they want it, and for whom they choose.

For those looking for a place to get started, Fiverr is a large network that is quickly becoming the de-facto stop for freelancers and those looking for freelance work.


While it may feel daunting to find your next move, there is no shortage of opportunities available to all people of all types. Whether or not you have a college degree, a car, or an artistic hand, there is a way to earn money, build your financial future, and make your dreams come true. The best part: for all of these jobs, there is unparalleled flexibility. Make 2021 your year by starting your next move and making money.

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