Few words about plastic shed installation

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In this article we will talk about the two storage sheds, more precisely about the features of their  due to the materials from which they are made. The most popular is plastic one. Popularity is associated with a low price,  good quality and durability. Many people say that plastic ones have a very nice appearance and a cheap assembly price. A client can order  a relatively large shed, maybe even 8×15, which can realistically accommodate a small workshop.

Before a plastic shed installation,  the basic requirement  is to have a level and solid base. Be sure to check with your local Building department about getting a permit. We do not recommend making a base  of gravel, as it is not hard. If the floor of the garage is bent, the whole structure is twisted and you will not be able to use it.

We recommend making a base of concrete or wood. Wood will be cheaper, work will take one day. A plastic garage comes with a limited number of shelves inside, it is often difficult to purchase and install additional ones. You may not like the smell of plastic inside the garage.

Thieves can easily open a plastic door, so it is not safe to store valuables. There have been cases when a roof was damaged due to snowfall. In general, a plastic garage will last a long time, a wonderful plus is that it does not need to be serviced.
 A  metal shed  is a conservative structure with its own advantages. Unlike plastic, it is stronger in its structure. Since the metal garage is delivered without a floor, we recommend that you take care of this in advance. Metal shed installation in NJ will require getting a permit. As with plastic, it can be made from concrete or wood. Do not  do a base with gravel-  you will step on it every time you come in  and you can not secure the shed to the  base.

The metal material of the shed is specially treated, because of this it does not rust. It does not require annual maintenance also. In a metal  garage, you can hang more shelves without the risk of damaging  walls. In terms of security, the door of a metal garage is harder to open than a plastic one. The roof of a metal garage is stronger, it can easily withstand snowfalls. Inside the  metal shed you will not feel any smell . Another important nuance is fire safety. It is clear that  metal in this respect is 100% safe. The downside is that in the heat a metal one heats up and is extremely undesirable inside. Plastic and  metal garages are produced approximately of the same size, you just need to decide on the material  and the  manufacturer.